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Umm Fallujah
10-11-2005, 10:44 AM
Course: Interactive One-Day Intensive Fiqh of Tahrah (Jurisprudence of Purification)

The Fiqh of Tahrah is the initial book that an individual would study when learning fiqh and is the first chapter in all traditional fiqh books. This is a vital course as Tahrah is the key to our worship and as the Prophet (saw) said, “Purity (cleanliness) is half of Imaan”.

This course will cover aspects related to the different types of water that one can use for wudu, various regulations related to wudu, taymoom, ghusal and women issues.

Lecturer: Sheikh Sharul Hussain (Al Azhar)
Date: Sunday 16th Oct
Time: Zuhar (1.15pm) - Magrib (Free Iftar, booklets and handouts provided)
Venue: Walsall Campus, Wolverhampton Uni, Walsall

Limited transport available for sisters from Bham to Walsall

Islamic Stalls will be available on the day

***Pre-registration is required for this course. Please e-mail the name of each delegate and contact details (e-mail address or phone number) to real_information4u@yahoo.co.uk alternatively you can register by calling 07977272487 ***

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10-11-2005, 07:15 PM
Wished i lived near....

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