View Full Version : all muslim should pray to allah at last nights of ramadan

10-28-2005, 09:56 PM
asalam alaikum,
dear brother and sister, ur mehran mehran want to share some of his knowledge to u all plz be concentrate on it.
we humans are so weak.we don,t know about our future and how much wealth we would get in coming days.and how much day we would remain alive in the world.and how much of our desires would be fullfiled.but we all muslims faith,s are not that much strong to help our own muslim brother.who want our help,our those muslim brother which are in afghanistan,iraq,chehniya,.they are in so trouble.their women,s and childrens are being tortures by occupied forces.but we only think about ourselve,s.if we can,t help them financially.but we can invoke for them in our prayers,

it,s my first time in this site.if i did any mistake plz forgave ur brother about it.ok

i congratulate u all brother and sister,because they r getting knowledge from here.

those brother and sister which r in madia,and makka i request to them for all of the muslims.bec we are disobeying from our religion.

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