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Salah ud Deen
10-30-2005, 05:21 AM
Assalamu aliykum,

I was hoping someone could point me to some ayats concerning Muslims embracing the kufar as protectors and fighting with the kufar (as in a Muslim in the US military). There is an akhi who loves the kufar for some strange reason and I'm hoping some ayats might slap some sense into him. He's not even out of highschool yet but it appears that he has surrounded himself with kafir friends, as I don't really see any Muslims embracing him. Likely because of his pathetic "I want to join the US military" attitude. On part of his myspace page he even has under hero's the US military (because they are fighting for our freedoms crap :mad: ) and the Prophet Muhammad(saw) is not even on the list! It is so sad yet so madding. Insha'Allah I never run into him because I would likely smack the living crap out of him. So please help with any ayats or even hadith about embracing and acting like the kufar.

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10-30-2005, 05:54 PM
salamu alykum wa ba'd

brother salahud deen i ask allah to enter u in the highest of paradises for verily u are on the truth,insha allah. brother as for the ayat for verily thay are many from them,allah the most high says<yaa ayuhalathiina aamanu laa tatakhith al yahuda wan nasaara awliyaa min duunil mumineen,wa man yatawalahum minkum fa ulaaika minhum> o ye who belive don't take as friends the jews and cristians besides the belivers,and whomso ever does so for veriely thay are from them. and also the messenger of allah <saw> said verily the person is on the same way as his friend>. and he also said <SAW> who ever imatates a people will be gathered with them on the day of judgment. brother i advise u to advise this guy to turn back to allah before death comes upon him, but if this guy does not listen to ur advise turn away and leave him alone for verily he we soon come to see. allah will deal with him. in conclusion i ask allah the most high with his beuatiful names and attributes to give victory to the mujahediin in all of the earth and to destroy the americans and the jews for verily he is able to do all things.wa salam

- Qatada -
10-30-2005, 08:04 PM
:sl: warahmatulahi wabarakatuh.

jazak Allah khayr akh quran4me! that really helped out alot and it made it easier for me to research the quotes from the qur'an and hadith that i needed. ameen to your dua's.


O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the

Christians for friends; they are friends of each

other; and whoever amongst you takes them for a

friend, then surely he is one of them; surely Allah

does not guide the unjust people.


O you who believe! do not take for guardians those

who take your religion for a mockery and a joke,

from among those who were given the Book before

you and the unbelievers; and be careful of (your

duty to) Allah if you are believers.


O you who believe! do not take for intimate friends

from among others than your own people; they do

not fall short of inflicting loss upon you; they love

what distresses you; vehement hatred has already

appeared from out of their mouths, and what their

breasts conceal is greater still; indeed, We have

made the communications clear to you, if you will



If good befalls you, it grieves them, and if an evil

afflicts you, they rejoice at it; and if you are patient

and guard yourselves, their scheme will not injure

you in any way; surely Allah comprehends what

they do.


O you who believe! do not take My enemy and

your enemy for friends: would you offer them love

while they deny what has come to you of the truth,

driving out the Messenger and yourselves because

you believe in Allah, your Lord? If you go forth

struggling hard in My path and seeking My

pleasure, would you manifest love to them? And I

know what you conceal and what you manifest;

and whoever of you does this, he indeed has gone

astray from the straight path.


Indeed, there is for you a good example in Ibrahim

and those with him when they said to their people:

Surely we are clear of you and of what you serve

besides Allah; we declare ourselves to be clear of

you, and enmity and hatred have appeared

between us and you forever until you believe in

Allah alone-- but not in what Ibrahim said to his

father: I would certainly ask forgiveness for you,

and I do not control for you aught from Allah-- Our

Lord! on Thee do we rely, and to Thee do we turn,

and to Thee is the eventual coming.


Certainly there is for you in them a good example, for him who fears Allah and the last day; and whoever turns back, then surely Allah is the Self-sufficient, the Praised.

but this doesn't mean you have to act mean to the kuffar:


Allah forbids you not, with regard to those who fight you not for (your) Faith nor drive you out of your homes, from dealing kindly and justly with them: for Allah loveth those who are just.

so insha Allah you can act kind with them - but dont take your kindness to such a extreme that you make them as your friends, protectors etc. instead this should be done with the muslims only, so your faith/beliefs remain firm and strong, instead of getting brainwashed by the thoughts of the kufar.

in the ayah after this, it is mentioned:


Allah only forbids you respecting those who made war upon you on account of (your) religion, and drove you forth from

your homes and backed up (others) in your expulsion, that you make friends with them, and whoever makes friends with

them, these are the unjust.


O you who believe! do not make friends with a people with whom Allah is wroth; indeed they despair of the hereafter as

the unbelievers despair of those in tombs.


And indeed He has revealed to you in the Book that when you hear Allah's communications disbelieved in and mocked at do not sit with them until they enter into some other discourse; surely then you would be like them; surely Allah will gather together the hypocrites and the unbelievers all in hell.


Those who wait upon occasion in regard to you and, if a victory cometh unto you from Allah, say: Are we not with you?

and if the disbelievers meet with a success say: Had we not the mastery of you, and did we not protect you from the

believers? - Allah will judge between you at the Day of Resurrection, and Allah will not give the disbelievers any way (of

success) against the believers.

this is exactly what is happening in the world right now. remember back to the war in iraq and how the americans say

that their 'protecting' the muslims from evil 'muslim' leaders such as saddam etc. after this they even say that they are our

protectors yet Allah (swt) gives them victory for a little while only, if they dont come to islam - they will face the

consequences in the afterlife on the day of resurrection.

the Prophet sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam, "Whoever imitates a people he is one of them." And also, "You will follow the tradition of those people who came before you exactly..." [this portion is in the two saheehs] And he confirmed, when asked whether he meant the Jews and the Christians, by saying "who else?" [Ahmad, Aboo Dawood, hasan hadeeth, authenticated by al-Albaanee in Saheeh Jaami` us-Sagheer, #6025]

the messenger of Allah (sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam) said,

"Whoever imitates (or resembles) a people is one of them." Sunan Abu Dawud

finally, you can remind the bro that Allah (swt) loves to forgive his servants and if he leaves his non muslim mates, he can hang out with you and your mates.


Our Lord! do not make us a trial for those who disbelieve, and forgive us, our Lord! surely Thou art the Mighty, the Wise.

04.48: Surely Allah does not forgive that anything should be associated with Him, and forgives what is besides that to whomsoever He pleases; and whoever associates anything with Allah, he devises indeed a great sin.

Our beloved Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him and his beloved family) said:"Allah is more delighted with the repentance of His servant than one of you would be, who suddenly finds his camel laden with supplies after losing it in a barren land" (sahih bukhari and sahih muslim - authentic)

tell him to join the forum or somethin.. he might start liking it here insha Allah and the crowd you hang out with affects what kinda person you are, so invite him over insha Allah, this way he'll get a deeper understanding of islam and also become a better person insha Allah without being brainwashed by the kuffar propaganda.

“The example of a good companion and a bad one is the bearer of musk and the worker on the bellows. A bearer of musk would give you some, you might buy some from him, or you might enjoy the fragrance of his musk. The worker on the bellows, on the other hand, might spoil your clothes with sparks from his bellows, or you get a bad smell from him.” (Reported by Al-Bukhari and Muslim, this version being Muslim’s - authentic insha Allah.)

some links with more info insha Allah :

Good Company

Ruling on Imitation of Disbelievers

Plotting of the Kuffaar Against Islam and the Muslims


audio lecture

Auliya Allah - Friends of Allah (Azza wa Jal)


wasalam o 'alykum warahmatulahi wabarakatuh.

Salah ud Deen
10-30-2005, 10:00 PM

I thank you all for the help, insha'Allah the akhi will understand.

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Salah ud Deen
10-30-2005, 10:27 PM
This kid makes me sick. On this site you can request people to be your friends. I just looked further at his friends page and very few are Muslim, but quite a few are US military, pornstars, and other assorted mushrakin. It angers and saddens me. I pray Allah guides this poor one. If he is destined for the hellfire though, then I pray Allah grant him a sincere repentance or a quick death, that he may not plung himself further into the hellfire. Ameen.

- Qatada -
10-30-2005, 10:32 PM
ameen bro.. you just try to persuade him yeh? and pray fo him and insha Allah we will too. i understand how angry u must feel bro, but plz remember:

For whoever Allaah guides, there is none to misguide him. For whoever Allaah sends astray, there is none to guide him.

remember you can make a difference - and even someone who seems like the worst of a person can become a really good person. our aim is to work hard to persuade them.. and only Allaah (swt) can guide them.

wasalam o 'alykum warahmatulahi wabarakatuh.

10-31-2005, 06:57 AM
salam brothers sorry i made a mistake with the first verse, but brother akhee may allah enter him in the highest of paradises corrected me, jazaka allahu khyru bro. may allah reward u for ur beautiful speech, great work.

wa salam

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