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View Full Version : Nuh's dilemma cleverly solved

11-02-2005, 05:10 AM
I heard this story once in a bayaan but dont know how true it is - i wonder if anyone else has heard it?
When Nuh (as) was building the ship, the people would mock him, etc ('why are you making this ship when, like, we're in the middle of the desert?!')etc.
The people had so much hatred towards him and his message, that they would go inside the ship and 'go to the toilet' in there - so it was pretty much a mess in there.
At the same time, Allah caused these people to have a disease - some skin rash that was really bad.
But look at how Allah works....

One day a man went in there to 'go to the toilet' and he accidentally slipped and fell on someone's faeces. When he went to wash off the faeces on his body, he realised that the places where the faeces had touched were completely cured of the disease. He went to tell others and soon, the entire population was going in the ship to clean up their own mess! In fact, the ship was entirely clean beacuse the people were using so much of it on their skin to be cured.

Hmmm, very funny narration. But has anyone else heard of it?

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