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11-08-2005, 12:11 AM

After a long while im strtin a thread... culdnt b bothered... BUT i write to please allah and increase mines and urz knowledge inshallah.

There were 4 cows in some wild place. These cows were sorrounded by wild animals, which they will try their best to stay away from. Amongst the 4 cows, 3 of them were black and the odd one was the white one. In that wilderness there was a wolf... which had his eye on these cows for long..but the cows were so united that the wolf didn't have the courage to confront these cows.

A time arrived when one morning one of the black cows suggested to the other two black cows (the white cow was not present at this time) "Listen up, you guyz noticed something? we have been trying to hide at night for so long from the wolf, but the thing that puts me off is the white cow amongst us, he is giving us away because of his skin colour, he is too easy to be spotted, why dont we just leave him and let him go and we seperate ourselves from him, in this way atleast our life will be saved".

SO after this, the three black cows were hanging around at one place and the poor white one on its own and seeing this disunity amongst the cows, the wolf attacked the white cow and he killed him.

Now 1 down 3 more for the wolf.... thats easy peasy... he'll grab a chance when one of 'em is out on its own for some business and like that the wolf killed the other cows too.

THe only black cow left was the one who suggested to stay away from the white one. The wolf was now chilling in front of the last black cow, not worried about anything and the wolf went for the black cow... before this black cow died, he made a very wise statement, he siad "I signed on my death contract the day i left the white cow, I was killed the day when the white cow was killed, THis is just the pain im going through but i really was dead when the disunity began".

Today this is our situation my brothers and sisters. The muslim ummah is going through the same phases, afghanistan, iraq, spain and Allah u 'Alam what muslim country next. We are being attacked by the wolf(not talkin abt bush:happy1: ) but yet we'r just sitting at home and we are not doing anything about it.

This article has not been written to intentionally make suicide bomber on LI foprumz, but something or for someone who can come up with an idea to combat the enemies of islam. My brothers and sisters, the reason i wrote a thread regarding this on the net because the MEDIA IS THE GREATEST WEAPON OF THE ENEMIES IN TODAYZ DAY AND AGE. LAst week the front page of Daily express was "Christmas to be banned bcoz muslims hate it" or sumthing like that!!!! PLZ BROZ AND SIS WE NEED TO DO SUMTHING.
I thought if we can do a partition in the forumz and send it to media companies such as daily express and present our views to stop islamophobia attacks etc... i'll provide more details but i want to know wot u ppl think.

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11-08-2005, 12:25 AM
wow masha Allah i agree with your article and the points which you have put forward! it is true that we sit back and spectate. I seriously don't know what we can do other than pray to Allah.

11-08-2005, 01:34 AM
the problem in this day and age is we as muslims do not unite for another of our muslim countries.if u notice all the kaffirs unite when there have problems.
take sept 11th(to this day there still say we are proud to be americans.wearing stars and stripes t-shirt.caps etc) or july 7th when all kaffir united.the only time all muslims united was the big march in london when salman rushdie the a****** wrote satanic verses:angry3:

11-08-2005, 05:32 PM
:sl: warhmatulahi wabarakthu

^^I agree

:w: warhmatulahi wabarakthu

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