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View Full Version : "He is Allah"

11-08-2005, 02:57 AM
He is Allaah

The First: Nothing is before Him.

The Last: Nothing is After Him.

The Most High: Nothing is Above Him.

The Most Near: Nothing is beyond His Reach.

He Begets Not, Nor was He Begotten.

The Creator, Provider, and All-Rich.

The All-Seer, The All-Knower.

He is One and Self-Sufficient.

He is not Nature, or any part of it.

He ascended above His Throne, High above the Seven Skies.

No Vision can encompass Him, but

His Grasp is over all vision...

"ذلكم هو الله "

Such Is Allaah
Nothing Is Like Unto Him

The All-Hear, The All-Seer


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