View Full Version : Building a boat in the desert

11-25-2005, 04:21 AM

AS i mentioned in this other thread "Grab the Oars" which i wrote here about 3 to 4 weeks ago in the Islamic section, grade 12 (that would be my grade) was building a boat for a class play. :eek:

AS we would walk through the halls of school, a lot of people s------ed/laughed/kinda made fun of us....after all we had a boat and we were in the desert!*UAE* :-\

But the whole time, i was thinking! This is what happened to prophet Noah, alyhee as salat wa salam....

and yet it was nothing compared to what he went through!

I mean, we were playfully being teased. They were our friends and we were joking ourselves....:lol:

but Noahs' people were not playfully teasing. :rant: They were cruel to him and it continued for generations, right? Remember, in the Quran it says that as each generation came it would teach its' children to make fun of him :(

Subhan Allah! What he must have went through! How many years? How much patience and tawakul on Allah! After all, it was a boat in the desert ...........

May Allah let us be like him!

But that's not the end.............

many of us do have boats in the desert:uuh: ....not the actually boat, but a situation that seems impossible....for example those living in the west, have to stick to islamic values around some people who may not believe them at all.....and it seems like your'e doing something completely unheard of....and you're afraird people will make fun of you..........what do you do?

You set the boat and you tawakul on the Mighty, Inconquerable Allah!


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