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11-27-2005, 08:02 PM
Allah (SWT) - The One

"Allah" is a proper noun in its pristine form meaning "The God". Yet the word "God" alone does not convey the purest concept of unity of the attributes of the Almighty, as it can be converted to both plural, i.e. gods, as well as female forms, i.e. goddesses, as is seen in polytheistic faiths. Hence, the use of the noun with the Arabic name "Allah" cannot be corrupted and no derivation is possible from it and nor can an opposite avail it. Above all it connotes the attributes of Uniqueness, Perfection and Beauty. Ultimately, there is nothing comparable to Allah (SWT) in the whole of His creation.

Nike is the U.S. company that manufactures the popular trainers (sport shoes). Their fame and infamy is known the world over. The name Nike, pronounced Ni-Key, was chosen as it is the name of a mushrik (pagan) Greek goddess who some believe, grants victory. The ancient Greek pagans would worship her and claim, "When we go to battle and win, we say it is Nike." It was therefore hoped that she might also bless the Nike company and their customers with similar success.

May Allah protect us from such shirk (blasphemy) as only Allah Ta'ala is capable of granting victory. The goddess Nike, is said to have elegant wings and it is from these that the logo ‘swoosh’ was created. The swoosh was designed by Caroline Davidson in 1971 at the request of Phil Knight the co-founder and current head of the Nike empire.

Nike were at one time well known for not actually advertising their footwear but for concentrating on ‘Hero and hero worship’ in the form of sport stars like Michael Jordan, John McEnroe and Tiger Woods. In the same way that sincere Muslims seek to emulate the Sahabah (companions of our beloved Prophet (PBUH) Nike encourage the mushrikeen (non-believers) to follow the seeming success of those characters who wear Nike products.

- Nike attack on Islam no.1:

In 1995, Nike was forced to remove an advertisement near the University of Southern California that depicted a basketball player with the headline, "They called him Allah."

- Nike attack on Islam no.2:

In 1997 Nike brazenly revealed their new design to the world. It was a trainer with the word 'Air' written on the heel and the sole. The word Air was cleverly written so that it imitated the word 'Allah' in Arabic. Nike, are not in the habit of writing the trainer name on the sole but since this was a special insult, they changed tact. This attack came soon after the amazingly twisted assault of 1995. Whether Phil Knight was possessed by a shaytan (demon) or whether he just simply hates Islam, we don't know but this second act of kufr (disbelief) persuaded many Muslim countries to ban his Nike products. At the thought of loss of revenue, Nike attempted to apologise to the Muslims by paying for a playground in an American Muslim school.

"There is in excess of 38,000 pairs in our distribution centres worldwide that we'll be recalling and we'll obliterate the logo before reintroducing it ... through our retail chain," said Nike company spokesman Roy Agostino.

Pics of the Trainer..

Nike attack on Islam no.3:

Nike try again, by covering the offensive wording on their trainers with a sticker instead of ‘obliterating the logo’ and then attempting to launch them onto the world public for the second time.

The re-introduced shoes were discovered by Zafar Afsar, aged 20, a student who works part-time at JJB Sports in Bradford U.K. He discovered that, under a peelable sticker with the traditional Nike logo, there was the original 'Air' logo. He said: "I went on the shop floor and peeled another sticker off. They peel like a banana. I’m just a kid off the street and I can’t see anyone with a bit of knowledge about Islam agreeing to those stickers. They should have taken them off the shelves straight away."
Nike apologised again and again the Muslims forgave them.

- Nike attack on Islam no.4:

During the autumn of 1999, an Indonesian human rights organisation interviewed 3,500 workers in Nike contractor factories in Indonesia. They recorded wholesale verbal as well as physical abuse along with having to suffice on very low wages and long working hours. Nike received worldwide criticism for their ill-treatment of these poor Indonesian Muslims. In fact during the whole of the 1990's Nike were repeatedly charged with abuse crimes in other countries too.

Today people are still worshipping Nike (and her prophet Phil Knight) by paying crazy prices for ridiculous looking shoes. Trainers which are not made for sport but for showing off (riyaa) to others and to instil pride (kibr).

Remember that the pagan Arabs used to wear their lower garments trailing on the ground, a trend which showed off style and social importance, it was a fashion trend. When Islam came, Allah SWT made such pride Haram and all Muslims were forbidden to wear their clothing in order to display pride or to generally show off.

Reasons against supporting Nike:

1 Anyone who insults Allah Ta'ala, becomes an enemy of both Allah Ta'ala and all true believers.

2 To financially support those who do nothing but insult Allah Ta'ala is to support disbelief.

3 Allah sent His Prophet Muhammad PBUH to rid the world of false gods.

4 To give honour to a false god (eg. to name a company after one and to display its name with pride), is an insult to the One True God.

5 To give honour & respect to false gods or to the Kufar is sinful.

6 To waste money is a major sin.

7 To wear distasteful clothing during prayer, harms ones Salaah.

8 To wear clothing in order to perform riyaa (to show off) is sinful.

9 To have kibr (pride) when wearing clothing is sinful.

10 Prophet Muhammad PBUH said that haste is from the shaytan and deliberation is from Allah Ta'ala.

Like the shaytan, Nike encourage us to be hasty ie. to ‘Just Do It.’

With all these arguments against Nike shoes, clothing and merchandise, it is no wonder that the Ulemah (Muslim scholars) have stated that the buying/wearing of Nike products is definitely not becoming of one who loves that which Allah SWT loves and hates that which Allah SWT hates.

“Allah forgiveth not that partners should be set up with Him; but He forgiveth anything else, to whom He pleaseth; to set up partners with Allah is to devise a sin Most heinous indeed.”
The Holy Quran: Surah an-Nisaa, 4:48

Source:Domain Of Islam

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11-28-2005, 12:45 AM

Well you know what that means nomore Coca cola heh , thats a nice post but i just think its one of those universal coincidence its not like Nike sat there and said Oh its Arabic name for God its islamic lets try to do something.

11-28-2005, 12:57 AM
Hey coco cola may be like that, but the nike shoe? Way too similar to be a bloody coincident...


11-28-2005, 04:22 AM
assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

jazaki Allahu khayran, brother. thank you for the article.... it was very informative.

no more nike for me from now on... :brother: there are many other brands, i can do without Nike.

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11-28-2005, 05:23 AM
Salaamz, JazakAllah Khair.....Hmmm wow I nevea knew that...The nike I use 2 wear never had that on it....I stope wearing nike a long time ago, I wear Air Force ones, and Air force 2s now...Dont know if thats much of a difference....But anyways thanx again Bro.....Hollaz

11-28-2005, 09:29 AM
Nikes are for chavs anyway :p

Reebok and Adidas is where it's at.

11-28-2005, 08:29 PM

And these things are written by people who don't even pray their 5 times daily Salaah. Petty things. Find a hobby instead.

11-28-2005, 08:51 PM

i wear nike air :eek:

but it doesnt have tht fire thingy on the bak, its only got the letters "air" on them
not only that
every soccer ball that is used in international matches(currently) is a nike ball
nike sponcers sooo many soccer things


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