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View Full Version : The Danger of Argumentation

12-28-2005, 11:47 AM
The Prophet said صلي اللّه عليه وسلم , "Abusing a Muslim is Fusuq and fighting him is Kufr (disbelief)." Narrated 'Ubada bin As-Samit: "Allah's Apostle went out to inform the people about the (date of the) night of decree (Al-Qadr) but there happened a quarrel between two Muslim men. The Prophet said, "I came out to inform you about (the date of) the night of Al-Qadr, but as so and so and so and so quarreled, its knowledge was taken away and maybe it was better for you. Now look for it in the 7th, the 9th and the 5th (of the last 10 nights of the month of Ramadan)."
(Sahih Bukhari 1:46)

yeh i was late finding this hadith as Ramadan has just passed but im sure theres still something ther for us to take from .

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