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12-31-2005, 09:19 AM
What’s ironic is that the early immigrants who came to the United States, came to the so-called “New World” to enjoy the freedom of practicing their respective religions without having to fear governmental persecution. That’s what America used to stand for.

The First Amendment to the United States Constitution, part of the United States Bill of Rights, forbids laws that:

• Establish a state religion or prefer certain religion (the "Establishment Clause");
• Prohibit the free exercise of religion (the "Free Exercise Clause");
• Infringe the freedom of speech;
• Infringe the freedom of the press;
• Limit the right to assemble peaceably; (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Let’s compare what America practices and what it preaches.
“So, where is your media outrage? Instead, you show Western hostage beheadings, allow Muslim 'fanatics' to preach on TV and radio, and publish hate speeches against Christians and Jews. Where is the shame? Where are your principles? You should be campaigning for peace, tolerance and human rights and against intolerance, women and minority abuse, and religious fanaticism. That is the holy role of the media, Arab journalists" an American scholar was quoted as saying during an international conference that convened last week in Dubai on the role of the media to enhance the security of the Gulf States.

[s][/s]In an editorial published on the Saudi ArabView , Khaled Batarfi, the author of the article says “In my response, I said to him (in the general meeting and later in a smaller group discussion): What you are calling for is a classic academic and professional question that has been discussed in journalism schools and forums for ages. Is our role to educate, preach and enlighten the public or just to provide accurate, updated and objective information? Do we campaign and rally for causes we support, or just provide an open marketplace of ideas and a neutral forum for debate and discussion?”

What the American scholar failed to , or chose not to mention, is that journalists in Arab states, who are constantly being accused of being tools of propaganda, mouthpieces of the rulers, and ideologically committed to one school of thought, have now started to move away from old ways, providing as-is news and multi-perspective commentaries.

“If you don't like what is written, write a letter to the editor. If you don't agree with a guest of a live show, call in and tell him so. If an opinion or a report on a website seems wrong, e-mail them your correction. As long as your perspective, no matter how different or unique, is published or aired, you can't complain about the equal opportunity and space given to those you disagree with,” the article said.

People should distinguish between the Arab “mainstream media”, owned and supervised by governments on one hand, and private media corporations who prohibit preaching religious hatred or siding with any militant group, on the other hand.

“Terrorists are enemies of the Arab states”, as much as of the West, the ArabView editorial added.

Most of the private media corporations are Internet based. On those websites, you find commenting on the articles allowed, without people having to sign their names, also web blogs; electronic newsletters, mailing lists and discussion groups are uncensored and uncontrollable. This is what today’s Arab media stands for, contrary to what America claims and insists on claiming.

[s][/s]Another article on Jordan’s Al-Rai, challenged the widespread misconception about the Arab media, saying it never aired or printed beheading videos and pictures, as some Web sites did.

The Arab media doesn’t preach hatred as America claims, on the contrary- As we saw recently, Arab media provided great coverage of the bomb attacks that targeted civilian compounds in Saudi Arabia and wedding parties in Jordan which helped unveiling the ugliness of “terrorist organizations”.
On the other hand, we find what is called the “liberal” U.S. media tolerating outrageous breaches of constitutional principles.

Following September 11 attacks on the United States, the BUSH administration, which claims to be fighting a “Holly” war to rid the world of violence and terrorist groups, "THE WAR ON TERROR", committed a blatant breaches of international rules, civil liberties and human rights - at home and abroad, the article on Al-Rai added.

“Why did The New York Times accept the BUSH administration's request and delay a story about government eavesdropping on American citizens for a whole year? Where is the campaign against torture in CIA prisons around the world?”

The road to democracy, which America claims to be promoting, is facing dangers of the U.S. main streem media that does not demonstrate a genuine democratic vocation.

The U.S.’s daily newspapers preach in their editorials idealism, clean journalism, and freedom of speech, but that’s not what is being practiced in America, and a live example for that is the unjust media war against the Arab and the Muslim world.

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