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    Post How you can love your job and increase earning potential

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    ​Are you unhappy with your career???

    Would you be happier if you could:
    • Have a career path you were enthusiastic about and that paid more?
    • Be able to get jobs at top organizations that value your skills?
    • Become top talent so your skills are always in high demand and you never have to worry about not finding work?
    • Increase your lifetime earning potential?
    • Get paid more for your skills and abilities?
    • Be able to live the life you want and spend time with those you love?
    • Be able to be financially secure and retire early?


    Fact: your work takes 1/3 of your life! Why spend all that time doing something you don’t like when you can spend it doing what you love?

    Now you can get all the help...
    • Identifying the right career path for you based on your skills, experience, and interests
    • Choosing between multiple career lines for the one that is right for you
    • Starting on a highly specialized career path in your area of expertise
    • Identifying key performance skills that increase your value and earning potential
    • Getting guidance on career development and further training and certification opportunities available to you
    • Getting a custom salary valuation and be advised on the right salary range for your skills and expertise
    • Learning how to position yourself so you can be eligible for high value jobs at esteem multinational organizations

    By starting on a career you love and are passionate about, you can become a high achiever in your chosen line of work.

    Benefits of being a high achiever :

    • your skills are in demand
    • you become known for your skills
    • you get headhunted instead of having to look for jobs
    • you make more money
    • job security and never having the fear of not being able to get work

    Take your career to the next level with Career Direction for High Achieving Professionals and
    • improve employability
    • enhance job satisfaction
    • increase lifetime earning potential

    For more than 5 years we have helped clients identify their ideal career path, develop in the right direction, and start on the path to a life they love. We are pleased to say, by Allah’s grace, that we have a 100% customer satisfaction rate. Through this specialized service, you can start on the path to the life you love!

    We would love you to become our next success story!

    Plus, as a member of Islamic Board (IB), you get 10% off when you purchase. Simply use discount code IBSpecial at checkout. For further details and to purchase, go to:
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    How you can love your job and increase earning potential

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