My story and how you can have it too!

Brothers and sisters, I am very happy to say that I have seen massive progress with my business, alhamdulillah, that I started over 5 years ago! This online business has reached hundreds of thousands of people and has had an impact on the lives of tens of thousands of people. I can now sit back and relax as my business grows, by Allah's grace.

The only way to get true financial freedom is to start a side business while you are still doing your day job. This is something each and every one of you should do.

When your business is successful, you can leave your job and rely on your business. By having a business, it is eventually possible (actually your goal should be to reach this level) to only have the role of director and simply watch over your business while others run it for you. True passive income.

There are many businesses you can start and the internet has made it easier and far less expensive to start a business from home with very low expenses.

Some businesses you may try:
  1. Service business (such as webdesign)
  2. Consulting
  3. Product Manufacture and Sales
  4. Software development
  5. Training Courses and Teaching
  6. Dropshipping

Your business may be internet based (service delivered online) or a local service provider.

If you need help getting ideas or guidance, contact me. Check out some of the services we provide. For up to 50% discount on some services, say you heard about us on Islamic Board.

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