Hello my friends, I am here to let my brothers know that I am selling the Star and crescent Symbol on a new Blockchain technology called Handshake it is a Top Level domain like a .com that if you own you can sell Subdomains eg: www.islamicborad.☪
Seeing as this is our religion symbol I want it to go in the hands of one of our own and be put to use.

In the last 6 months many people have made 250k usd selling subdomains under these Handshake TLDs

The Great thing about using these Blockchain domains is that you own them and no one can censor you or no government like US can take it offline it is unhackable when used correctly.
If we can get this Top Level Domain in the hands of a businessman that can leverage this and utilize the tech it would be great for the Islamic community In Shaa Allah it will give benefit for all of us.