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Thread: Authentication?

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    How authentic are these?

    For the one who uses his eyes or mouth for evil:

    In the Grave the Prophet Muhammad (salla Allaahu 'alayhi wa salaam) saw a man standing over another man carrying a large Iron hook. He stuck the hook into his mouth and ripped his mouth open down to his neck. His cheeks tore off from the force. He then stuck the hook into his eyes and ripped down his face until his neck. He then stuck the hook into his nose and then ripped down his face until his neck. He screamed a terrible scream each time the hook was inserted. When he was done, the one who was tortured, his face was returned to his original state. The punishment was repeated and will be repeated till the Day of Judgment.

    The one who learnt Quran but then ignored it and for the one who oversleeps the Prayers (eg Fajr).

    He will have his head smashed open with a solid rock until the day of judgment. Some narration also state that his body shall also be smashed.

    The one who consumes Usury (Interest).

    He will swim in a river of blood or boiling tar and every time he wants to get out, a person at the bank will smash a rock into his mouth, crushing his teeth etc. The person will fall back into the river and the process will continue.

    The adulterer or adulteress.

    These people will be in a clay lined pit and shall be burned from beneath. The force and heat of the fire will force them up the walls of the pit but they shall never come out as Allah wills. Their bodies will be roasted. In another narration it states that at the same time, they will be stoned with rocks of fire.

    The following punishment is from Sunan Abu Dawud: Hadith No.4860 and also "Sahih al-Ja'mi" 2/926:

    The Backbiter:

    They will have nails of copper that will scratch at their faces till the Day of Judgment. Their copper nails will rip their skins and their eyes and the insides of their mouths until their is nothing left. Then Allah will restore their faces and the punishment will begin again.

    The one who abondons Salat or whos Salat is not accepted:

    They will perform Wudu with boiling fluid that will melt their skins. Then they will perform their Salat that they missed or that was not accepted on a scorching floor of fire. (Another narration states, on a floor of fire and nails). This will continue till the Day of Judgment.

    Other narrations mention insects, worms and snakes that will eat at the body.

    It's also mentioned in quran: Allah discusses the punishment given to Fir'awn. He says, 'The fire is given to them in the morning and evening and on the Day of Judgment.' The fire before the Day of Judgment refers to the punishment in the grave. (Ibid)

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    Re: Authentication?

    Here are the Ahadith as in the Hadith books:

    1)Bukhari :: Book 9 :: Volume 87 :: Hadith 171
    Narrated Samura bin Jundub:

    Allah's Apostle very often used to ask his companions, "Did anyone of you see a dream?" So dreams would be narrated to him by those whom Allah wished to tell. One morning the Prophet said, "Last night two persons came to me (in a dream) and woke me up and said to me, 'Proceed!' I set out with them and we came across a man Lying down, and behold, another man was standing over his head, holding a big rock. Behold, he was throwing the rock at the man's head, injuring it. The rock rolled away and the thrower followed it and took it back. By the time he reached the man, his head returned to the normal state. The thrower then did the same as he had done before. I said to my two companions, 'Subhan Allah! Who are these two persons?' They said, 'Proceed!' So we proceeded and came to a man Lying flat on his back and another man standing over his head with an iron hook, and behold, he would put the hook in one side of the man's mouth and tear off that side of his face to the back (of the neck) and similarly tear his nose from front to back and his eye from front to back. Then he turned to the other side of the man's face and did just as he had done with the other side. He hardly completed this side when the other side returned to its normal state. Then he returned to it to repeat what he had done before. I said to my two companions, 'Subhan Allah! Who are these two persons?' They said to me, 'Proceed!' So we proceeded and came across something like a Tannur (a kind of baking oven, a pit usually clay-lined for baking bread)." I think the Prophet said, "In that oven t here was much noise and voices." The Prophet added, "We looked into it and found naked men and women, and behold, a flame of fire was reaching to them from underneath, and when it reached them, they cried loudly. I asked them, 'Who are these?' They said to me, 'Proceed!' And so we proceeded and came across a river." I think he said, ".... red like blood." The Prophet added, "And behold, in the river there was a man swimming, and on the bank there was a man who had collected many stones. Behold. while the other man was swimming, he went near him. The former opened his mouth and the latter (on the bank) threw a stone into his mouth whereupon he went swimming again. He returned and every time the performance was repeated, I asked my two companions, 'Who are these (two) persons?' They replied, 'Proceed! Proceed!' And we proceeded till we came to a man with a repulsive appearance, the most repulsive appearance, you ever saw a man having! Beside him there was a fire and he was kindling it and running around it. I asked my companions, 'Who is this (man)?' They said to me, 'Proceed! Proceed!' So we proceeded till we reached a garden of deep green dense vegetation, having all sorts of spring colors. In the midst of the garden there was a very tall man and I could hardly see his head because of his great height, and around him there were children in such a large number as I have never seen. I said to my companions, 'Who is this?' They replied, 'Proceed! Proceed!' So we proceeded till we came to a majestic huge garden, greater and better than I have ever seen! My two companions said to me, 'Go up and I went up' The Prophet added, "So we ascended till we reached a city built of gold and silver bricks and we went to its gate and asked (the gatekeeper) to open the gate, and it was opened and we entered the city and found in it, men with one side of their bodies as handsome as the handsomest person you have ever seen, and the other side as ugly as the ugliest person you have ever seen. My two companions ordered those men to throw themselves into the river. Behold, there was a river flowing across (the city), and its water was like milk in whiteness. Those men went and threw themselves in it and then returned to us after the ugliness (of their bodies) had disappeared and they became in the best shape." The Prophet further added, "My two companions (angels) said to me, 'This place is the Eden Paradise, and that is your place.' I raised up my sight, and behold, there I saw a palace like a white cloud! My two companions said to me, 'That (palace) is your place.' I said to them, 'May Allah bless you both! Let me enter it.' They replied, 'As for now, you will not enter it, but you shall enter it (one day) I said to them, 'I have seen many wonders tonight. What does all that mean which I have seen?' They replied, 'We will inform you: As for the first man you came upon whose head was being injured with the rock, he is the symbol of the one who studies the Quran and then neither recites it nor acts on its orders, and sleeps, neglecting the enjoined prayers. As for the man you came upon whose sides of mouth, nostrils and eyes were torn off from front to back, he is the symbol of the man who goes out of his house in the morning and tells so many lies that it spreads all over the world. And those naked men and women whom you saw in a construction resembling an oven, they are the adulterers and the adulteresses;, and the man whom you saw swimming in the river and given a stone to swallow, is the eater of usury (Riba) and the bad looking man whom you saw near the fire kindling it and going round it, is Malik, the gatekeeper of Hell and the tall man whom you saw in the garden, is Abraham and the children around him are those children who die with Al-Fitra (the Islamic Faith)." The narrator added: Some Muslims asked the Prophet, "O Allah's Apostle! What about the children of pagans?" The Prophet replied, "And also the children of pagans." The Prophet added, "My two companions added, 'The men you saw half handsome and half ugly were those persons who had mixed an act that was good with another that was bad, but Allah forgave them.'"

    2) Backbiter:
    Dawud :: Book 41 : Hadith 4860
    Narrated Anas ibn Malik:

    The Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) said: When I was taken up to heaven I passed by people who had nails of copper and were scratching their faces and their breasts. I said: Who are these people, Gabriel? He replied: They are those who were given to back biting and who aspersed people's honour.

    Don't know about the rest.


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