What is it that you see
When you look at me?
I know, I've heard it all before
Dressing like that won't open any doors
Like what? A woman who fears Allah
Who five times a day make her salah
Prayer that is for those who don't know
Most have no knowledge of Islam and it shows

You think that I'm stupid, backwards and oppressed
But your oppression is in the way you dress
You see I realize that you have been deceived
They're on a higher level and they plotted, planned and schemed
They're clever they did it right under your nose
And before you knew it you were out of your clothes

Its not something that happened over night
They worked hard for generations and finally got it right
Or so they think
But there's a price to pay for everything
Now the society is in choas
All virtue is lost

The women have been trained to accept misuse and abuse
To give up your body or else you lose
Wow what a mess
But it just part of a test
Do you fall for the deceptions of Iblis and his troops
Or do you live to worship Allah because you know it is the truth

But wait i haven't even scratched the surface

This thing is so deep and mind boggling
Its got me hollering
I wake up at night shaking and scared
Cause I see the letter KFR tattooed on his forhead
Its then I realize why they want the society to fall
Its in preparation for the Dajjal