My friend I made dawah to (he technically came on his own) basically told his parents he's going to be Muslim and they disowned him and kicked him out the house and he posted a picture and his face is bloody from his family and he's currently living at his friends house how should I trust to help him out it hasn't shaked his faith this is normal for him and he doesn't care but like I don't know what to do I want to ask my family to let him live here for a while but my dad will not be open to the idea because he actually warned me somthing like this might happen if I keep making dawah and he just gave me that warning today what a coincidence subanallah my dad didn't want me doing dawah cuz he doesn't want police at our house cuz he knows the government will oppress us should I talk to his wife (my step mom) alone and my aunt and my grandma about this and maybe they can convince my dad to let him live with us till he's 18 he's like 17 I believe he has a car I'm 16 and he also has a job so yea his family has had problems with him for a while he recently quite zina he prayed for his first time with me and yea he's a Muslim but idk he's going to fast this Ramadan too so yea