Some people when they are oppressed by someone, they have strong desire of taking revenge on that person. Well, there are some consequences for the one who takes revenge. I will tell you a reall historical story I read in Romanian literature.

In 17(XVI) century during the Medieval Era when Romania(my home land) was divided in 3 small Romanian nations: Transylvania, Romanian country and Moldova. During that time, there was a very cruel ruler of Moldova by the name of Alexandru Lapuseanu. He was removed in his first rule by some group of boyars(at that time, boyars where known to be reach people), and when he was exiled by them he went in Ottoman Empire seeking millitary help, so the Ottoman emporor granted help to him, and he went back home with a large army of Turkish soldiers, and when he went to the gates of Moldova, he meet 4 boyars in front of him. Later he told them "I will go with ot without your permission" and "if you dont want me, I want you" and so, all,they got scared and they moved away except for boyar Motoc and he prostrayed to him and he sought forgiveness from hom for taking his belonging(throne) and he told him "my sword will not touch you, for I need you" and so,he was grateful, but he was unaware of his evil plan against them. When he traveled all the way to the capital of Moldova, he saw all his people beong so happy for his return, when he saw this happy crowed he remembered the message of one of boyars told him in hi first rule "people no longer wanted you, and so we took your throne away" when he remembered this, he got really pissed off because he noticed that it was because of boyars who did this to him and they spoke in the name of all people. When he remembered and noticed, he planned a terrible revenge on them(boyars). He called all boyars to the Christian church for he to make a false oath that he will make peace between them and he. He called them all 47 boyars to his royal yard, and he asked politely his wife Ruxanda to prepare a big dinner for they will have a lot of guests, and neither his wife was not aware of his evil plan. So, she prepared. When 47 boyars camd, and he sat with them eating, he waited for the mome of chopping all their heads off at the moment when they all get drunk and become in state of unaware. Then his wife got scared and he asked her husband to stop executing because she was really scared, and the ruler made her a "cure of her fear". He made a big pyramid of chopped heads from boyars and showed this to her. Later on, Ruxanda wished to take revenge on him and another boyar was with her at his bed when he was really sick, and so they planned for killing him because she was afraid that he will kill his own son. And they gave him poison and you know what a boyar told him? he told him: "learn to die you, for you knewed only to kill and take revenge". And so, he died in terrible pain for the dirt he left behind.

Since the day Alexandru Lapuseanu died, Moldova still had a big incurable scar even on now days.

So, what do we learn from this historical story? We learn that we should learn to forgive and find wise and smart ways of dealing things without seeking revenge, because the devil can play with your mind to the point whefe you a very bad thing to others. So, it is much encourageble for us not to seek revenge, that is a wise thing.

P.S. Thia thread is available for whoever seeks revenge on someone, let him read this beneficial thread. That might change your mind, if God wishes.