Assalamualaikum and Ramadhan Kareem everyone!

I am currently into islamic studies in uni and i find it hard to cope since i'm not a native arab and thus my vocabs are very limited when trying to understand arabic text etc. but i am still struggling in this beautiful course alhamdulillah, and i got some questions to ask:

1. One of the subjects i study this semester is 'Al-Madkhal ila al-Ahadeeth' and there's a LOT of mustalahaat (terms) for hadeeth that i have to memorize, along with their meanings and also names of related books published for every type of hadeeth. is there any tips on how to memorize alll these numerous information? subhanallah i felt as if my memory isn't strong enough for this

2. I have an assignment in which i have to do research on Imam Abu Hanifa RA and bring out some of his fatawa (rulings) that are different with those of other mazhabs (school of jurisprudence) along with the reasons and dala2il for those fatawa. i have been searching for books to assist my research but perhaps it is due to my shallow knowledge that i hardly get but a book or two. so if any of you know some books perhaps it can be suggested to me inshaAllah.

3. I'm also finding for some sisters who are doing islamic studies or are good at any branch of knowledge in this field (fiqh, quran and sunnah etc) for sharing and discussion. perhaps even helping with my arabic?

Shukran Jaziilan for your time everybody.