For all the men and women out there when they get married and failed to be a suitable partner and end up with a divorce after having children, please, please watch this video. IF EVERY FAMILY follows 100% what is in this video when it comes to custodial rights, upbringing, and where men have a role in raising the children and EVEN NO PARENTAL ALIENATION...if you follow all this rule in this video....the children been in rage, the violence, crime rate, suicide rate, school drop out, rape, etc will drop to bare minimum.

JUST PLEASE watch this video and observe the rules of how a divorce and custody is done in Islam.

THERE IS NO PLACE for parental alienation in Islam. Islam have zero tolerance policy when it comes to parental alienation for both mother and father side of things, zero, zero, zero. And the concept that children goes to the mother automatically JUST BECAUSED SHE BIRTHED AND BREAST fed is not true. In Islam it is the BEST INTEREST of the child not the satisfaction of an ego of the mother out there or women out there who believe because they birthed and breastfed automatically makes them the suitable and only mother and fathers are like bulls they are to mate else where and have no input or value in raising the children. Sorry, that is ignorance thinking. Even if a mother went through nine month of pregnancy and breast fed and later she became evil, left fold of Islam, etc she loses custody of the child and she is no more fit as a parent. Watch the video and listen to know that Islam ACTUALLY looks ON THE BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILD on behalf of the mother/father ego and EVEN EMOTION.