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Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

New Here? Tutorial

----------------------------NEW HERE?----------------------------

 Welcome to our Islamicboard Forums (islamicboard.com)! Here you will find helpful info.

Because we want you to make the most of your time at Islamicboard forums we've put this page of helpful tips and information together for you. The internet can be overwhelming! Take your time and read instructions carefully along the way. We've tried to make sure that each area of the site is as friendly as possible to navigate.

----------------------------FORUM GUIDELINES----------------------------

    Read our guidelines which were created to maintain our community online in a kind, supportive manner.

Please read the entire Forum Guidelines {
click here} so that you will be able to enjoy your membership knowing what is allowed and what isn't.



    Register {click here to register} to participate to post a question and participate in discussions on our message boards. You will receive an email for address confirmation.

You must *click* the link in the email we send to you for your membership to be activated. Use your correct email address or this process won't work! Once you've registered and finalized, log into the message boards


----------------------------CATEGORIZE YOUR INTEREST----------------------------

    Categorize your interest: The message boards are organized by topics: Basics of Islam, Marriage in Islam, Halal Fun, Education Issues, World Affairs, Comparative religion, Cyber Counselling, etc.. Click into the Forum of your topic category.

To post a new message (thread), after clicking into a forum category of your choice, click on NEW THREAD.

Follow the simple instructions to post your questions or comments.

Note: If you would like to reply to a thread after reading it, click on NEW REPLY

As the guidelines state, we will move, remove, edit posts to make sure they are in the correct category and appropriate for the Islamicboard Forums. Thank you for your cooperation!

----------------------------YOUR USER CONTROL PANEL----------------------------

    Your User Control Panel (also known as User Prefs) gives you the opportunity to edit, alter, and configure your membership at Islamicboard Forums.

If you would like to be notified when someone replies to your post, you can "subscribe to thread" which is at the top of each post or you can "edit options" in your profile to receive email notifications of replies.


----------------------------SEARCH THROUGH THE FORUM----------------------------

    Search through the discussions by clicking on the SEARCHH
1. Click on the SEARCH button at the top-right of any website page.
2. Where it says "Search By Keyword" enter a few terms specific to what you're looking for.
3. Press the "Perform Search" button near the bottom of the page and wait for the results to appear.
4. Finally, click on the title of the thread you want to read.
55. To return to the list of search results, use your browser's Back button.


----------------------------MORE INFO----------------------------

    Website Info, Hints and Articles can be found on the main page of Islamicboard Forums.

Once you have registered, you're one step away to access the Media section. Once you have contributed to the discussions and achieved 25 posts, you will be promoted to the Full Member usergroup. CLICK HERE for more information

----------------------------NAVIGATE THE FORUM----------------------------

    Need more information? We try to provide you with helpful info and answers to most of your questions in easy to follow directions.

You will find the link to the FAQ on the top of every page of the website.

And we've provided the IB Forum Contact Us at the bottom of every forum page, in the right hand corner. Use this form when you need additional help that is not answered in the in the FAQ.

We ask that you check out the
FAQ before you email the helpdesk.

----------------------------YOUR INTERNET SECURITY----------------------------

Be safe! Its important to make sure you are choose safe internet practices, even at  Islamicboard Forums.
Your email address is hidden from view, even from other members. Even if someone emails you through your Islamicboard Forums email link, your email is protected from view. To reply to the member, return to the Islamicboard Forums website and click on their profile email link to continue to maintain your email privacy.

We do not suggest giving out your phone number or address in Private Messages Although we like to think that everyone on the internet is safe, we would like to err on the side of caution.

Most importantly, we are glad you have found us and we look forward to meeting you on the message boards!

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