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IslamicBoard - Discover Islam | Connect with Muslims FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

Can you tell me about the history of Islamicboard Forums?

Islamicboard Forums (islamicboard.com) was launched in December 2004 as a community forum with the mission of spreading information about Islam.

Who are the IB moderators?

The LI moderators are the online moderators who manage the forum discussions. Their goal is to make sure each member finds the support they need within our forum discussions. Moderators oversee specific forums. They may edit, move, merge, split threads to keep discussions on track with the intent to provide our members with the best replies possible.

How do you select moderators? Can I apply for a position?

Moderators at islamicboard.com are selected from active, sensible, mature and responsible members of our community based on their contribution to the forum, duration of membership and suitability for the position. We do not take applications for moderator positions. Becoming a moderator for a specific forum is usually rewarded to users who are particularly helpful and knowledgeable in the subject of the forum they are moderating. The Moderator, Super Moderator and Administrator positions are all completely voluntary fi sabeelillah, without any worldly compensation.

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