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    Common eating & drinking mistakes in RAMADHAN

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    1. Drinking Milkshakes made with syrups etc. on a daily basis

    - Why: It contains high amounts of sugar, additives and colourants
    - Solution: If you have to, drink it twice a week maximum

    2. Drinking large amounts of water at iftaar time

    - Why: Filling the stomach with water is more strenuous to it than with food.
    - Solution: have a few sips at iftaar then a glass after every two hours.

    3. Exercising directly after iftaar.

    - Why: the body's blood flow is concentrated around the stomach at that time.
    - Solution: Exercise after two hours of eating to ease digestion.

    4. Chewing & swallowing food fast.

    - Why: chewing food slowly can speed up digestion and help maintain your weight

    5. Having dessert directly after iftaar

    - Why: they make you drowsy and sleepy
    - Solution: leave at least a two hour gap between iftaar and dessert to stay fresh and awake for ishaa and taraweeh prayers

    6. Consuming foods with high amounts of sodium

    - Why: Sodium triggers thirst through out the fasting hours of the day
    - Solution: instead, eat foods that are high in potassium, they retain water and suppress your thirst.

    # Bananas are high in potassium. A banana at Suhoor time can control your thirst level through out the day.

    # Best sources of potassium for Suhoor time:
    - bananas
    - milk
    - dates
    - avocados
    - dried peaches
    - pistachios
    - pumpkin
    - peas
    - dark chocolate

    # Worst choices for Suhoor:
    - biryani
    - kebab
    - pizza
    - fast food in general
    - cheese
    - haleem

    # Best choices for Suhoor:
    - potato
    - rice
    - dates
    - whole grain bread
    - banana

    # Drinking lots of water at suhoor is important, but not as much as drinking it through out your non-fasting hours.
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