Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa baraktuhu.
I am from kingston, ontario and I converted in 2006 thanks to the help of our only sunni Masjid in the city.
I walked there the first time, alone, for one hour since there is no buses and its outside the city. It was my destiny to find that place and convert after seeing real sincere Muslims in my city.

Covid 19 has been hard on them and they are in need of maintenance funds to help them stay the only sunni masjid in town. There is another small masjid not well known but its not sunni (i have been told).

This masjid is amazing. A very special place! It started as a movement at Queen University by a handful of families who needed a place for Jummah prayer in Kingston. But Alhamdulillah they struggled and strived for years and fundraised to save this community and bring Islam to the public.

I started a auction for one of my handmade facemasks on facebooks. Its knitted out of yarn. It will be perfect for winter and fall. Please visit the post on my page and bid. The auction closes on sunday may 24th at midnight EST. But the bidding is open to the world.

All the money from the winner will go to the masjid maintenance fund.

PROFILE PAGE for Project Facemask Kingston: