JazakAllah khayr akhee

Rajaa' bin Umar an-Nakh'i said, "There was a young man in al-Kufah with a
beautiful face, keen on worship and perseverance, and he was one of the
ascetics. One day he stopped in the vicinity of an-Nakh', and he looked upon
one of its beautiful young girls, and he fell in love with her and his mind
was overtaken by her. And she, likewise, was afflicted with what afflicted

So he sent someone to ask for her hand from her father. Her father informed
him that she was designated for a cousin of hers. They both suffered greatly
due to the pain of their love, so she sent a letter to him saying, "I have
become aware of the intensity of your love for me, and my misfortune because
of it has become severe on me, due to my love for you. So, if you wish, I
will visit you. And if you wish, I will make it easy for you to come to me
in my home."

The boy said to the messenger, "Neither one of these two acts! 'Verily, I
fear if I disobey my Lord the torment of a Great Day'*. I fear a fire whose
flames do not cool and whose blaze does not abate!"

So when the messenger left to her and told her what he said, she said,
"Despite his feelings I see him still an ascetic, fearing Allah? By Allah,
no one has a greater right to this than another, and truly all the slaves
[of Allah] are equal in this." So she put her relationship behind her, and
she began to worship Allah, while wasting away and becoming emaciated out of
her love for the youth and her sorrow over him.. until she died from longing
for him.

The youth would visit her grave, and he saw her in his sleep, and she had
the best appearance. So he asked her, "How are you? And what did you
encounter after me?"

She said, "How excellent, o my love, is your love *** love that leads to
good and to perfection"

So he responded, "Where have you ended up?"

She said, "In felicity and life that has no end *** in eternal gardens, a
kingdom that does not perish"

So he told her, "Remember me there, for I haven't forgotten you."

She said, "I have asked my Lord for you, my Master and your Master. So help
me to attain that by persevering."

Then she turned her back to him, so he said to her, "When will I see you?"

She said, "You will come to us soon."

The youth did not live after the dream but seven days until he died. May
Allah have mercy upon them both.

• az-Zumar : 13