Asalamualaykum wr wb

I have been asked by an Imaam for some help with fundraising for a Somali sister in Somalia who has no shelter for herself or her family. The money raised will be used to buy her land to put up a tent for herself and her five children to live in.

She is in dire need of our help. Please donate even if its only a little. Even a fiver will help her immensely. Just think if it was you and your family having no where to live, just sleeping out side, barely anything to eat, no money, no nothing. Please donate whatever little you can inshallah. Even if its just a pound! That pound will be worth so much more in junnah!

Remember that whatever money you give it wont be wasted because it will intercede for you on the day of judgement.

Please message me for details on various ways you can donate.

Jazakallah kheir.

Please please please donate!

p.s I know there are some brothers here from Majid Taqwa in Leicester. Would it be possible for you to try and get a collection going for her inshallah?