Once upon a time, on a small planet, far away... things looked about the same as they do here on earth, actually.
There were trees and rocks and things, and lots of people, too.
Like here, there were all the natural things; various phenomena and whatever, just like here: water and wind and beautiful sunrises
and sunsets... there was even a beautiful moon in the night sky, fragrant flowers bloomed and rivers ran with fish, and all of it.

One phenomena was this strange thing, Electricity. It was like a gift for the people, once discovered, and uses were developed.
However, after some time it could be seen that some people had taken that electricity and used it for
purposes suited to their peculiar and small understanding and current state of development.

Some people were using it to torture others! Some were using it to operate great amusements endlessly. Some were
adapting it to kill other people! Some, experimenting alone, ended up injuring themselves. Some, using it improperly,
started great fires. Eventually, things got to a point where a lot of the people were rejecting electricity and wanted absolutely
nothing to do with it, seeing how it had caused so much confusion and harm to the people.

Time passed, as it will, and by and by, an exceptionally gifted and clever individual came to have a clear understanding
of the phenomena electricity, and realized that the original intention for the use of it was to remove the darkness
and to illuminate the night so people could live a good and enjoyable life. This person thought about the situation and decided
that, yes, electricity should be available for all. But how to do it properly, so there would be success, was the question...

The only problem in reintroducing people to the proper use of that natural thing, perhaps, was the word 'electricity' itself, because it had come to mean so many, many things to so many different people... which was indeed, a great difficulty. So, instead of calling the phenomena electricity, he gave it an entirely new name. (I would like to tell what the new name was, but it being on another planet
with many different languages spoken than here on earth, I'm unable...). But nevertheless, this individual began traveling all around from place-to-place telling and actually showing to the people the original and proper use, which was to illuminate and drive darkness away, and in so doing, really did transform individual lives all over the entire planet for the better! Those who came to accept the
understanding and proper use were quite amazed, because it actually did what was promised! Their darkness was removed.
Light was brought in and people were getting happy again. Correct understanding and use spread all over, little by little. The task was
not an easy one, but a most enjoyable, and some would say, an essential task... and it is still going on there today, on that little planet.
It is going on right now somewhere even as I write. Somewhere, good and true words are being spoken to good people in need, by that one who knows what is what.

What do you think, dear readers? What do you think? Will it be a continued success? Will the people be able to accept?
Do the people feel the need? (That's the first thing). Are the people as serious about this as the subject deserves? Will this be a success? For myself, I must answer, yes! I want it to be a 100% success. I want to see those people on that little world
living in a way previously unimagined.
What is in the minds of those people? Are they ready to start out, this time being able to see so they don't keep stumbling around?
What do you think? If you were a citizen on that little world, would you be able to hear such a message? What do we think...
would we wish good luck for all those people? If it was us, would we wish, and say a small prayer, for ourselves as well?