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Male Volunteer Needed for Respite Center

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    Male Volunteer Needed for Respite Center

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    Assalamu alaikum

    We have received a request from the Australian Council of Women Affairs who are in need of volunteers for their Respite Home Care. More specifically they urgently need a male volunteer to help them with a 20-year-old autistic man.

    Without anyone's help the client cannot attend the respite center and this is having an adverse affect on him.

    For more information please see the emails below and contact sister Maha if you are able to provide assistance.

    From Maha Hafez [email protected]

    As for the male volunteer he should be:

    · Patient
    · Tolerant
    · Willing to take 20yr old autistic man to the toilet & change nappy if need be
    · Be willing to try and engage this man in activities during the day

    · Read Quran to him is also an option
    This man does not speak but makes a lot of loud noises. He enjoys anything musical.

    I have only met him once so I am not sure what he is capable of doing and what he likes doing but that will be the job of his carer.

    I don't want a volunteer to just take him to the toilet but to engage him in activities and see if he can be taught anything. I am discovering talents of a 20 year old girl we need to take to the toilet and also does not speak.

    I am getting her to try and catch a ball, swing a tennis racket, colour in etc. The sky is the limit with these adults. We need to be patient and give them time and show them how to do things. Over time we learn what they like, what they dislike and what they are capable of doing. It is such joy to see them develop and grow and show enjoyment in seeing you.

    I took ******** (the 20 yr old I mentioned above) on the bus today for a joy ride and she was so excited to sit in the bus and drive around it made me happy to see her happy.
    One woman from ******* (a certain Muslim org) asked around and the males said they did not want to help because they did not want to be in the centre with a bunch of women and just take ******* (the male client) to the toilet every couple of hours!
    They assumed that toilet duties was all that was required and they assume they had to stay inside with us. Maybe they can understand now why the new centre is ideal because we will have different rooms with different themes so we can have gender segregation and religious men don't have to be in the same room as us or in the same garden because we will have 2.
    Kind Regards
    Maha Hafez

    From Tasnim [email protected]

    Salams people,
    inshAllah you're well.
    This week for the radio program I covered Sydney's only Muslim respite center for the intellectually disabled.

    The director Maha Hafez is very lovely and passionate mashAllah and she was telling me about their various activities and I got to meet some of the lovely clients at the center.

    I wanted to kindly ask you guys to kindly help her with two things if possible.

    1- they are in urgent need of a male volunteer to help them with one of the male clients, and below you will find more information about the job description. Please pleaseeee let me know if you know anyone who might be suitable.

    They are really in need and due to the male volunteer not being available, the client cannot attend the respite center and this is having an adverse affect on him.

    They also need female volunteers regularly. Volunteers don't need to only help with the clients, but any expertise you might have such as driving, marketing, designing, fundraising, sports coaching and even basic reading and writing, will be much appreciated.

    2- they are currently fundraising to rebuild their respite center to make it more suitable to the client's needs. At the moment they're operating from a basic house in Birrong and it doesn't have the specialized facilities these clients need. For example, the new center has a proposed room which has sensory facilities.

    This will cater for the clients that cannot hear or speak for example. They are running a 'donate a brick' campaign and anything you can donate will go a long way to help a marginalized and much neglected segment in our community.


    Was Salaam
    Murisa Hasanovic
    General Manager
    Al-Ghazzali Centre
    for Islamic Sciences & Human Development

    Email: [email protected]
    Web: http://alghazzali.org
    Mobile: +61 450 231 789
    Tel: +61 2 9708 1539

    Al-Ghazzali Centre
    P.O. Box 7014
    Mt. Lewis , NSW 2190
    Al-Ghazzali Centre
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    Male Volunteer Needed for Respite Center

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