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Imam mehdi(as)

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    Imam mehdi(as)

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    "Bismil Laa-hir.Rahmaa-nir-Raheem""Al-Hamdu Lillaahi Rabbil 'Aalameen was Salaatu was- Salaamu 'Alaa Sayidinaa Muhammadin wa Aalihi wa Asabihi Ajma 'een (tauheed- risalat- ahkirat and islam-iman-ihsan)

    Imam mehdi(as)
    We, the children of ‘Abd-ul-Muttalib, will be the chiefs of the people of Paradise, that is, myself, Hamzah, ‘Alī, Ja‘far, Hassan, Hussein and Mahdī.” (Ibn Mājah bk of fitan 4:455 (#4087))
    whoever denies (the coming of) Dajjāl, has surely committed disbelief, and whoever denies (the coming of) Mahdī has (also) committed disbelief.” Suyutī in al-Hāwī lil-fatāwā (2:83).
    ..Surely, the Mahdī of this Ummah will be from among (the children of) these two, that is, Hassan and Hussein. Suyūtī in al-Hāwī lil-fatāwā (2:66,67); Tabarānī, al-Mu‘jam-ul-kabīr (3:57, 58 # 2675)
    …. His complexion will be of an Arab and a physical structure of the children of Israel. There will be a beauty spot on his right cheek. His appearance will be similar to a luminous star. … (Bukhārī bk. of fitan 6:2605 (#6702)
    if there was only one night left for this world to stay in tact, Allāh will lengthen it until a member of my family becomes the ruler whose name will be the same as my name and the name of his father will be the same as the name of my father…….
    Mahdī will be born during the last days of my Ummah….(Hākim in al-Mustadrak (4:558 # 8673), Albānī in Silsilat-ul-ahādīth-is-sahīhah (2:336 # 711).
    “Abū Dāwūd has devoted a chapter to Imām Mahdī in his book as-Sunan (4:86). “In this chapter Abū Dāwūd has referred to the opinion of scholars who believe that Imām Mahdī is one of those twelve caliphs.”
    Imam Suyūtī comments on Abū Dāwūd’s narration in al-Hāwī lil-fatāwā (2:85):The conclusion Suyūtī has drawn from this is that Imām Mahdī will be the twelfth and last Imām on this earth.
    He will establish Islam in the last days of the Ummah as I have established it in the early days (of this Ummah). …….Suyūtī in al-Hāwī lil-fatāwā (2:66,67);
    Allāh will pour down heavy rain during his caliphate and the earth will grow its produce in abundance, and he will distribute things equally among the people. …..the Ummah will be held in great esteem. (Hākim in al-Mustadrak (4:558 # 8673)
    Related by Sulaymān ibn ‘Īsā: I was informed that the Ark of the Covenant will emerge from Tabariyyah Sea through the efforts of Imām Mahdī. It will be placed before him at the Sacred House. When the Jews will see this (Ark), all of them except a few will embrace Islam. Suyūtī in al-Hāwī lil-fatāwā (2:83).
    …………..Islam will be fully established on earth (ie Islam will be dominant and accepted all over the world). Mahdī will remain (as Caliph) for seven years, then he will die, and the Muslims will attend his funeral. (Abū Dāwūd bk. of Mahdī, 4:89 (#4286); Ahmad bin Hambal, al-Musnad (6:316))
    …. A comet with a bright tail will appear from the east before the appearance of Imām Mahdī.” Suyūtī in al-Hāwī lil-fatāwā (2:82)
    …. before the appearance of Mahdī there will be lunar eclipse twice in the month of Ramadān.” Suyūtī in al-Hāwī lil-fatāwā (2:82)
    Mahdī will come and there will be a turban on his head. There will be an announcer who will proclaim: this is Mahdī, Allāh’s caliph, so follow and obey him.” Suyūtī in al-Hāwī lil-fatāwā (2:61);
    …At a time when the world will be subject to chaos and turmoil, roads will be cut off and people will attack one another, no elderly will show love to the younger and no youngster will respect the elderly ….. Suyūtī in al-Hāwī lil-fatāwā (2:66,67); Tabarānī, al-Mu‘jam-ul-kabīr (3:57, 58 # 2675)
    In (the month of) Muharram, an announcer will call out from the heaven: beware! Surely, (be informed that) such a person has been chosen by Allāh, so listen to him and obey him during the year of uproar and turmoil.” Ibn Hammād in al-Fitan (1:226,338#630,980); Suyūtī in al-Hāwī lil-fatāwā (2:76)
    “‘Abdullāh ibn ‘Amr (RA) narrates: people will perform the pilgrimage together and will gather at ‘Arafāt without the Imām. So at Minā during their descent a revolt will pounce upon them like a dog (due to which) the tribes will pounce on one another. They will kill one another until the valley begins to flow within blood. (In this worried state) they will go to the best person amongst them to seek his refuge while he will be crying with his face touching the ka‘bah as (the narrator says) I am looking at his tears. So they will request him: please come! We want to take an oath of loyalty on your hand. He will say: it is very sad that you have broken so many promises and have shed so much blood. So, unwillingly, he will accept their oath. So when you find that person, you should take the oath on his hand because he will be Mahdī on earth as well as Mahdī in the heavens.” Hākim in al-Mustadrak (4:503,504#8537)
    People exactly equal in number to the Companions of Badr (ie 313) will take the oath of allegiance on the hand of a person from my Ummah (Mahdī) between the Black Stone and the Station of Ibrāhīm (maqām Ibrāhīm). Hākim in al-Mustadrak (4:431 # 8328)
    Later on, the saints of Iraq and the abdāl (Substitutes) of Syria will also come to him (to give the oath of allegiance).” Hākim in al-Mustadrak (4:431 # 8328)
    Imam mehdi (as) and isa (as)
    ….The Arabs will be in small number, and most of these will be in the Sacred House and their Imām will be a highly pious person (named Mahdī). Ibn Mājah bk. of fitan 4:446,447 (#4077).
    When their Imām will come forward for Dawn prayer, at that time ‘Īsā will descend (from the heaven). The Imām will retreat and give way to him so that ‘Īsā can lead people in the prayer. ‘Īsā placing his hand between the Imām’s shoulders will say: step forward and lead the prayer because the iqāmah was said for you. Then their Imām (Mahdī) will lead the prayer.” Ibn Mājah bk. of fitan 4:446,447 (#4077).
    what will be the state (of your joy) at the time when ‘Īsā ibn Maryam will descend (from the heavens) and your Imām will be from among you.” Bukhārī bk of ambiyā’ (prophets) 3:1272 (#3265);
    Explanation: ‘Īsā (as) will not be the Imām but a member of the Ummah.
    … ‘Īsā (as) will descend after Mahdī and will offer (one) prayer behind him.” Ibn Hammād in al-Fitan (1:373#1103); Suyūtī in al-Hāwī lil-fatāwā (2:78)
    When I want to talk to allah I say prayers and when I want that he talk to me I recite quran- Hazrath Ali(ra)
    Make sure you forward this to others .
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    Re: Imam mehdi(as)

    Mahdi and dajjal are both derived from positions which mankind will adopt at the time of a clear split, one represents guidance and the other deception.
    The celebrity status of the two individuals are of less significance when compared to the importance of the personalities mankind will adopt within themselves.
    People who never live to see the two will still adopt personalities that are an embodiment of either so that's where the main focus should be.

    Interesting to note that mahd also means cradle or baby.
    Which can signify a baby/child to whom people come for guidance.
    Wa tukallimunnaasa fil mahdi wa kahla.
    Whether they take guidance or delusion is their own character definition since it is not in the capacity of mahdi to guide people without Allah's leave. And the guidance of Allah is ever present.
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