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    Hi there! Assalam Walaikum Waramatulla. My name is Emem/Edris. Muhammad Edris M. Masorong III of the Pines. He he. 23 years old. Unenrolled. Had a lot of dropouts at school and one kickout(because of fighting). Astagfirullah. I am creating the band but there's no other members yet except me called 'Cinch' and my name on it is 'Noise'. The album name is Carbon Pumped Gas Extinction. I just wonder maybe one day we won't be needing gas anymore you know? Like we'll be using new ways of fueling our vehicles maybe in the near future? Isn't that exciting. I have heard news of a Filipino guy like me who discovered the Water Fuel which I guess, as far as I could remember, he sold to another country which I think is the US? I'm not sure. My siblings suggested to me when I told them about it that I should just be a one man band but no, no. I will soon indeed find other members whether on Facebook or outside/school inshaallah. My rock band is kinda Metal. Astagfirullah. I'm just a kid. I grew up in a christian-dominated society in the head of the Pines which is Luzon. Back at Mindanao we had our own school. I was just there until grade 2 but migrated here at Luzon to continue studies and have a normal life because down there it's wartorn. Inshaallah Allah(swt) will bring justice one day. Alhamdullilah.

    I didn't know where I was heading. I didn't even knew that I would be forming a band. I renamed by self(Astagfirullah) to a bad name called Sin when I enrolled at school and I was 1st year college again 3 times because my heart got broken before and it hurts until now sometimes and i hated myself so I changed my name. Also, I had panic attack together with mum and dad which got me paralyzed in bed for 1 year and 3 months and I think it's because of too much cigarette. I was a chain smoker. After being kicked out atlast on my last school, it was not yet vacation and I just suddenly thought of writing songs and then i did not hesitate so i jot down whatever comes to mind based on my feelings and emotions deep inside. Some according to the past, present, or future. I'm a Scorpio. I have a question though. I am just curious if the symbol of Scorpion is related to the devil Iblis? Just an honest question. I don't mean to scare you or i'm saying that i want to be evil. I know deep inside I am truly a good person that sincerely believes monotheistically to Allah(swt) and Prophet Muhammad(saw), the angels, the other prophets, the book, and the heart of the believers that is pure and relies only on Him. Yeah. But I recall that it is the serpent. Maybe both? They also say that I'm the numero uno most evil sign in the zodiac. He he.

    Wait. I have written... namely Noob's Kite, Abyss, Intention, Possession, Flick, For The Sake Of The Myth, Sa Pagiging Rakista(Being A Rockstar), Hate, Durability Unwire, and How. There's still others but I removed them from the list cause I don't want them anymore. I also have 2 rap songs with my Hip Hop endevour and my name is Dice One. The songs are Astagfirullah and Wala Lang(Nothing Really). Some of my songs got lost one time together with my 1st entreprenurial biz called Nsyd Pen. It was just a small station just fit for one person to handle. We Pimp Ur Pen by inserting these stickers called 'Tags' inside your pen to be more personal and cool! Anyways, that's ok. I managed to recall some that I like and I also wrote new ones.

    I just want to share with you 1 song called Noob's Kite. I chose this one because it has foul languages inside but this one just have some little cocky parts and inside it's also a song relating to me smoking and I want no more. And also I mean No More of Injustice, Insults, Pain, Agony, Depression, Darkness, or even that word vengeance. It's also kinda scary because it is also singing about the word 'Revenge' which I know is evil but I guess I could just call it another word like 'Redemption' for when I got sick back then, my deranged mind was always seeking for revenge as well as my heart. But revenge on whom? The world? The ones who insult Islam and reject God? Astagfirullah, God himself? But no that's evil. I don't likey. I guess it's only me with my wierd self. Ha ha.

    So here it goes:

    [song removed]

    There. Astagfirullah. It's just like I don't care as if it were you who wrote it on the last stanzas cause I want someone to relate too. He he.

    Cause some of my songs have Iblis in them like he's possession me which trully I think happened back then when I was so angry to the world and one like I want him to embrace me. You can check my Fan Page if you want here: https://web.facebook.com/Cinch-846672182074694/?ref=hl. I can't find the one for my Hip-Hop page which my name there is Dice Uno/One.

    Inshaallah I am so wanting to be a famous Rockstar one day. Astagfirullah my Lord Allah(swt) for what I have decided, Inshaallah you understand everything and it is truly you which I seek refuge from and that even if I am unperfect and commit sins, I turn repentant to you, please forgive me for all my sins and to the sins of the ones I love.


    For you <3
    Last edited by Muhammad; 06-08-2017 at 02:57 PM.

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