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    The banks in Venezuela OFFICIALLY limit cash withdrawals to a daily max of $5

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    All of this, is pretty much at the same time as the spectacular meltdown in India.

    The ones who trusted their false god, the riba/interest-infested banking system in Venezuela, are now being eaten by their false god. Do not pray for their souls. They are with their master now.

    Here, a few true remarks from the bitcoin reddit about Venezuelans who are in trouble now:


    If you don't control your capital it isn't your capital anymore.
    So if I lend a book to my niece, it's not my book anymore?
    In reality still your book but if she doesn't want it to give back to you. Is not your book anymore...
    On the books it's still your book, in the account receivable section.
    Don't ever lend books! 90% of the times you won't get it back.

    It is much better to give it as a gift.

    Possession is 9/10ths of the law. If you went to your niece's house and tried to take "your" book back without permission, she could call the police on you and the law would protect her possession until you could prove your property title over the book. Same thing for cars, houses, etc..

    If you have money in the banks you do not have money - you have ACCESS to money.
    Euh. You MIGHT have access to money

    The problem is that they don't have access to their own money to buy bitcoin with, so it doesn't appear to be an option to them.

    If you could offer them all jobs that Pay in bitcoin, then you'd be right... Anyone here need 30.4 million employees?

    You have to buy bitcoin while you still have access to cash. It's too late for Venezuela and India.

    They are scared because the price is rising locally and may wind up in a situation similar to India, where bitcoin is trading at a $100 premium compared to markets like the US.
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