Professor at the laboratory was turning us from the digestive cells of the frog lung cells and we were trying to take care of the spectrum. Turning to the mullah (almost every class has a bearded boy, whose name is mixed), according to the habit, he looked at the cells with a calm and kept standing forever. On this, our brightness professor's face went somewhat tremendous and the disordered impression emerged like a face-shattered frog.
"Can I get permission?" Mullah got up and asked Professor.
"Yes, yes, come on. Anyway, here too, you do not have much talk. I think you should spend most of the time in the mosques. You are worth it."
The professor used to hide as much as possible in words. The mullah thanked while smiling and went out of the lab.
"The world has reached the moon and it is still getting hit by the ground."
Prof. Baheeh There were many Muslims in the class, but "Numbers" because Professor Sahib was in hand, some boys were silent and others rested or laughed and tried to please Professor. Unfortunately, the class also had a bad language like me, if there was no special interest in the mullah, "numbers" was not at all.
"How many times have you gone to the moon?" I asked innocence.
"what does mean?"
Profiles are stunned by a shock.
"You're not going to hit me on the ground, and you've told me why you can not go to the moon that I just got to meet." Tell me how is the Moon and what really are the birds on the moon? "
When I began to speak, I went to speak fluently. When the professor looked at, his eyes were looking for a way to get out of anger.
"Shut up. I'm Bloody Stupid. I'm Biologist. My job is not to go to the moon !!!" Professor run.
"Oh." So you probably have told that the molecule is empty and it is a pleasure to read the biology! " It was my favorite hobby to climb. Anyway, now Sir gave me a regular announcement by saying words such as Shutup and Stupid.
"If it is not itself, not to be others, he and his tribe." They teach them to sit in mosques and teach people to do wudoo, do not tell them to make machines for rockets. " Professor expressed displeasure and incomplete reply to the sweets. His bus was not going to put my piece under the edible bow instead of the frog.
"The priest will forgive you, but the pastor sitting in the church of America does not even ask people to make machines. He also baptizes people, stirring garlic and worships with orchestras and talks with" holy spirit " But there is no scientist there who says that the pastor still observes people sacred prayers because everyone understands their own responsibility and recognizes their failure and disability. If our scientist could not reach the moon, it is not because Mullah caught his pencil, but instead It has its own incompetence. While we will continue to judge others on their work instead of everyone to recognize their weaknesses, we will remain on the Earth, our moon will never go up. "
If I finished the "lecture", I was staring at me with rainy eyes. The lab was also completely heard.