guess, what?? I've just watched zootopia
those who have watched zootopia,certainly knows that,a bunny falsely accused predators for going savage. the bunny assumed that,there something in predator's dna which turned them savage. this caused the lovely city,zootopia, fall apart.
while watching it,I was thinking about growing hate crime in western countries. people believe that,Muslims have something in their faith which inspires them to kill innocent people. this is how the west turned into a unhealthy place to live.
some of you may not agree with me. but... I don't care
I heard a very old man saying, "America wasn't like this in 60's or 70's.those who lived in those days would agree."
may be, that old guy was right,or may be not.true to say,I like to believe that, Americans always want to see themselves as heroes, as superior being. and where there is a hero,there's a villain. because, without a villain, hero doesn't exist. in last century, black people were villain. today, Muslims are the puppet villain.
bad luck for me, I would be a villain even if I was borned in last's black Muslim, bro!!