Assalamu alaikum,

There is a narration I read on Internet that if your father asks you to stop your recommeded prayer, then dont listen to him, but if your mother asks you to stop performing the recommended prayer, then obey her.

My mom asks me not to pray at school neither at work but at home. And it happens many times for dhukr to occur during the time I am at school.

So, in this case should I obey her if that is her request? She asks me that I can recover the lost prayer when I come home and I am not allowed to offer in public places.

Also, she asks me to listen to music all the time for it is "good" to listen. Should I obey her?

Is it ok if I ask from now my parents to forgive my evil deeds towards them? And if they agreed then that's mean Allah has forgiven my future sins, right?