Salaam ul alaykum

I've been through certain things in life where I don't want and care about this life anymore. Alhumdulillah everything happened which now wants me to go to the highest of heavens more than ever and not caring about this world. If I didn't go through this certain thing then I would still be attached to this dunya and not having to want to go to highest of heaven that much compared to now. I feel like I had to sacrifice the dream life I wanted to live to someone else, all so I can go to the highest of heavens and be so close to Allah Swt. From this, I've learnt and understood the decree of Allah Swt and know if you don't believe that, then you ain't a Muslim. So in a way, I do understand why everything happened and Allah did say everything happens for a good thing.

However, I now want to know, what are the most good and high ranked deeds that I can do in order to gain the most reward everyday which would lead me to the highest of heavens ?