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    Why is music haram?

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    Usually when I hear that something is haram, I’m able to accept it. Alhamdulillah, everything that is haram is harmful to us, and everything that is halal is beneficial to us. But I just can’t seem to understand why music is haram. I get that popular songs nowadays are forbidden, it’s full of lyrics about adultery, drugs, violence etc. (Astaghfirullah). However, some songs can improve a person’s mood, help them cope with sadness, and other beneficial things. It’s also scientifically proven that singing helps to reduce anxiety and depression. I just can’t wrap my head around it. Why is music haram if the good outweighs the bad? For almost a year I’ve been trying to give up music and I fail everytime. A life without music just seems to horrible to me. Everything seems dull and repetitive but songs add some excitement and colour to my life. It’s a burden on me to constantly have to feel guilty for doing something which makes me feel better. It’s getting exhausting, and as much as I hate to admit this, usually I feel angry at Allah (SWT) because this seems unreasonable and too hard of a task. (Astaghfirullah!) I’m sorry if it seems like I’m questioning Allah (SWT), it’s just, because of my limited knowledge as a human, I can’t understand why such a beautiful thing could have such harsh rulings.* So, can someone please give me a thorough and reasonable explanation on why music is forbidden. I’ve been doing research for months and nothing is convincing me.

    PS. Many hadiths about music have been labelled as Da’if (weak) and I just don’t get why scholars interpreted ‘idle talks’ in the Qur’an as music, it could be any haram speech. So I’m starting to question whether or not it’s haram at all.

    * example : https://www.--------------/greater-s...er-sin-singing

    JazakomAllah Khayr

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    Re: Why is music haram?

    Music makes one heedless to the zikr of Allah and this decreases/eats away at taqwa in our hearts. So ultimately it gradually will take us away from the practice of Islam...

    And certain types of music effects our feelings in negative ways. For example, classy funky dance music creates pride/ego in the heart as the listener begins to define himself with the type of music he/she listens to

    - - - Updated - - -

    I think if you find it hard to stop listening to music then you shouldn't worry about it too much as that will only distress you, but rather you should aim to give it up 'all in good time'. You are only 16 now and at this age it will be hard for you..., but at least you're doing your prayers and that will get the sin of listening to music forgiven

    How about aiming to give up music within 5 years?. If you take gradual steps towards giving up something you find hard to give up, it will be easier

    And the worst thing you can do is try to justify it as that will be making the haram into halal and will effect your Imaan. So rather than try and justify it, just listen to it without thinking it's halal
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