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    Die Peserving Quran & Live With Honour

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    In The Name Of Allah
    Praise be to Allah.May peace and blessings of Allah be upon our Prophet Mohammed and his family and companions

    As Salaam u Alaikum Wr Wb,

    Health Benefits of Hifdh


    Virtues of Hifdh


    Hifdh Tip of a Hafidha who did without any teacher/Institute on her own with housechores,job&her studies in 5 years time.

    If you do 30 juzz in five years, you’re doing 6 juzz a year. That means 1 juzz in 2 months. That means 1 page in 3 days. Or 5 lines a day! Just 5 lines a day and you can become a hafidh in 5 years. It is as simple as that! As you proceed on the journey, Allah keeps on making the memorization and revision easier.

    My goal is 8- 10 years with 3 lines per day & I believe I want to die being included amongst the people of Quran or the one memorising the Book of Allah & gain tremendous rewards,InshaAllah.

    So,all you who are sad, depressed tired with your trials,hasten to devote yourself to Quran as it will bring reward in both the worlds ,make you focus on Deen,keep you away from unnecessary worries,time waste in already calamnous times,brings mercy of ALLAH,angels around,make you feel worth that you are blessed with Hifdh ul Qur'an in the hardest times - you will be happy & may ALLAH bless us with Firdaws al Aala for our Hifdh.So,join my caravan...
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