Aoa. I am asking these questions on someone else's behalf. We tried submitting it to Assim Al Hakeem,but each time, quota runs out. Anyway, the friend wants to do itikaf this year, for 10 days. Their community has issued precautions and asked people to do so in their homes, i guess because of Covid-19. As it is just three people in the house, my friend and the parents, the question remains, can they break fast together? Can my friend help prepare iftar/sahoor while in itikaf? Also, has anyone performed itikaf in this group? What do you do when you get tired or bored? I am asking this from a realist perspective. Because if we sleep for 8 hours, we still have 16 hours left, and it can be tiring sometimes to pray and do dhikr continuously. What else can a person in itikaf do? dhikr, dua,nafl,taraweeh, recitation, can they play any online game while doing zikr, or to release stress etc? like candy crush etc?