"Let him who wants to see a woman among the beautiful women of Paradise who have wide and lovely eyes, look at Umm Rooman." In another narration, he (S.AW) said, "Let him look at this (woman)." Umm Rooman was naturally endowed with qualities that qualified her to be among the wide-eyed beautiful women of Paradise. And what will tell you what these women are? They are an embodiment of purity, sincerity, modesty and honesty. 'A'ishah said: "The Prophet's wives sent Fatimah, the Prophet's daughter to him. She asked permission to enter while he was lying down with me in my woollen blanket. He permitted her to enter and she said, '0' Messenger of Allah, your wives sent me to you demanding for fairness concerning (your treatment of) the daughter of Ibn Abi Quhafah (meaning 'A'ishah, daughter of Abu Bakr).' And I was there (listening but) silent. The Messenger of Allah (S.A.W) told her, '0' daughter, don't you love whatever I love?' She said, 'Yes.' He then said, 'Then you should love this (lady).'' Dear reader, this is a human side of the Prophet's person. Hearts, according to the Messenger of Allah (S.A.W), are between the two of the Most-Merciful Lord's Fingers. He twists them as He wills!! And the heart is named qalb in Arabic because of its changing nature FULL ON:https://www.aminullah.org/2021/03/Sa...with-them.html URL:https://www.aminullah.org/