In Islam as per the Quran, marriage is for believing men and women.

Why get married to someone that Allah does not look favourably on?
That the angels don't look favourably on?
That are not loyal to the Prophets?

Love, kindness is ultimately about God, the Prophets and the other religious people.

There is no such thing as unconditional love, Allah in his infinite wisdom as shown to people what can happen, they are being told to accept behaviour like transgender etc The Government and the media has them fooled by making it look like if you don't accept something, that means you are not being kind.

Transgender have stated they want to say that everyone has been assigned at birth by at Doctor. That the genitals can't tell you if your a male/female.

Even though this is one of the extreme examples, what does this mean, that your values mean nothing and you should just go along with anyone, just because it makes them "happy" -this is their justification-if it makes you "happy". Well obviously what makes you happy is wrong. So what is the point of having any values, shall we :

1. start accepting anyone who thinks they are an animal -as it makes them happy?
2. want to act like a baby because it makes them happy?

What is obviously happening, is that something that not even a prostitute has been capable of dong-getting accepted openly. What homosexuals and transgender want to do (even though they are allowed to live as they please-it is not enough), they want to be seen as any straight person. No prostitute has been able to get this, and never will. If it did, we wouldn't be able to be tested in this world, if we were that stupid. But here, prostitutes in the past even repented (even a story about a one giving a dog water-but that meant she would have accepted Allah in the first place), they didn't go around, asking other people to change their views as they are feeling bad about themselves. Here forbidding evil and enjoining good is important-even if you made errors, people have told others not to do what they have done.

This is where some commit sins-to not feel bad, they wish to just say Allah doesn't exist-they are so arrogant as Atheists-will just say that Allah doesn't exist so nothing applies to them.

Shaytaan has fooled them much for them to change gender, have plastic surgery etc.

Even though it is the extreme example, we cannot say just because someone wants a family, education a job that they are good people to get married to-this is not the definition of being good. Good is about accepting Allah, the angels, the Prophets and their messages, heeding the signs. Day of Judgement is a good way to define this-you'll be standing the with everyone in the history of the world, and all is about your relationship with Allah. Some people like to think their love is much-this is arrogance, as your love is not greater, nor can it protect you -no one needs your love and kindness, but rather you need to provide if for the good of your own soul. No one will care about you on the Day of Judgment.

If someone doesn't care about being saved from the hell fire and going to Paradise to live in Mansions, and walk around in gardens -walking just peacefully in amongst the trees, no fear, no need to pay for anything, but being at peace-no one can provide that for you. Islamic marriage isn't about asking someone to look at you, but about working together to help each other pass the test and go into a better place in the next world, being mindful of teaching kids and wanting them to succeed in the hereafter.