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    My Heart is Aching

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    My Heart is Aching
    by Ummuz-Zubair

    My heart is aching beyond expression...

    I have just viewed glimpses of the most horrendous crime that a woman can imagine.. the rape and mutilation of another woman...

    But this was not just any woman... this was our SISTER IN ISLAAM. our sister in EEMAAN... as close to us as our blood sisters... as close to you and I as our mothers and daughters... or at least, this is the status she should have in our hearts, whether we treat her as such or not..

    We would not rest at night, we would not sleep, if our mothers or sisters or daughters were being humiliated, violated and brutally tortured as this sister was. We would not laugh and joke, and waste away our lives in play, if our mothers, or sisters, or daughters were screaming in pain, completely defenceless, their hearts bursting with fear, as they were being gang-raped by kuffaar men so sick, that they not only commit such an evil crime, but they photograph it, and film it, with no shame or respect.

    What makes it worse is this is not just one sister. This is not in East Timor alone (and how many of us make du'aa for our sisters in East Timor? Sisters treated worse than animals by beasts like these. and how many times a day to we, myself included, spare a thought for these sisters of ours, or for those few, special and noble brothers of ours who are sacrificing their time, their wealth, their energy, their limbs, their souls lives in the path of Allaah, defending their sisters and mothers and daughters - the weak and oppressed of this ummah).

    No, this is not one sister. This is not a rare occurence. This is not East Timor alone. But these same crimes take place, day after day, hour after hour.. to our sisters and mothers and daughters in Sheeshaan, in Filasteen, in Kashmir, in the Philipinnes, in Maluku/Indonesia, and the list does not end there. This is what happened to our sisters in Bosnia and Kosovo only a few years ago - sisters as close to us as our sisters in Scotland!

    My dear brothers and sisters, I wonder just how many of our sisters have screamed in agony in the time its taken me to write this? I wonder just how many brothers have cried when they have seen what has happened to their wives and daughters?

    Our beautiful muslim sisters - our mothers, our daughters - with their beautiful hayaa, their modesty, their shyness, their dignity, ripped away from them, like their clothes were ripped away by these monsters.

    My dear brothers, would you be snoring in your beds at night, wrapped up warm, cosy, in your comfortable 3 bedroom semi-detached home, if your wife's clothes had been ripped off her as your sister in East Timor's clothes were torn away?

    I wish, my dear brothers and sisters, that I could find the words to express what is in my heart right now, for I am not doing justice to it. I wish I could show you the graphic horror of what I have merely glimpsed at - but the photos are too graphic, subhaanallaah, with the awrah of our sister on display, and out of respect for her and concern for the doubtful matters, I do not paste the URL here.

    It is enough that I tell you that it is your sister whose limbs were stepped on by the boots of soldiers - yes, soldiers, it was more than one monster who did this to her - crushing her soft arms.

    It is your sister whose clothes were first ripped from her.

    It is your sister who was gagged, her arms wrenched up by one soldier, as the others forced her legs apart and tore off her underwear.

    It is your sister who was filmed and photographed as she was bound and tied and then gang-raped Allaah knows how many times by these monsters amongst the kuffaar.

    It is your sister who was repeatedly violated, again and again, from different angles.

    It is your sister who had cigarettes stubbed out in her innermost private parts.

    It is your sister who was cowering in shame and fear in the corner as these monsters looked on, with words carved all over her vulnerable, naked, abused body.

    It is your Muslim sister who has been hung up on the wall like a piece of meat, abused by these sick men who carved a crucifix into her chest!

    It is your sister who is lying face down in the dirt, naked, as if this had not been humilation enough, rope tied around her head, and cuts all across her torso, still being brutally tortured.

    It is your sister who lived and died literally abandoned, terrified, humiliated, defenceless, and alone, discarded like a heap of rubbish on the ground, by the beasts when they had satiated their sick and cruel appetites, treated as if she was garbage or worse.

    My eyes are filled with tears after only 12 photos. I cannot imagine how my sisters felt enduring the horror of the real ordeal itself.

    A brother has informed me there are also "real player" recordings of such torture, "the sound alone will make your skin crawl".

    May Allaah curse these monsters and torture them in the lowest depths of the Fire as they tortured our beloved sisters.

    "In the long run evil in the extreme will be the End of those who do evil; for that they rejected the Signs of Allah and held them up to ridicule" [Surah ar-Rum 30:10]

    My dear brothers and sisters, what will it take for us to wake up? How many more sisters have to be raped, how many more bodies need to be mutilated, how many more of our fathers and brothers will be humiliated and tortured? How much blood has to be spilt and how many cries need to echo before we wake up to the reality we are living in?

    My dear brothers and sisters, how many more times does the punishment of Allaah have to befall us before our sleeping hearts wake from their heedlessness? Before we will remember the ordeal of our brothers and sisters across this ummah. Before we will raise our hands in du'aa crying and empty our pockets to assist them fi sabeelillaah. Before we remember the favours of Allaah upon us, not just in our hearts or upon our tongues but in our deeds -before we see this remembrance of Allaah, and gratitude for His favours on our limbs? Before our brothers will leave their beds - and before we, the mothers and daughters of this ummah, encourage them, entreat them to leave their homes and loved ones - to leave us! - to defend the honour of this ummah? Before our hearts will exchange the love of this world for the love of the hereafter.

    "When people become stingy towards the dinar and the dirham, deal in fine things, and engage themselves in agricultural activities, forsaking Jihaad in the Way of Allaah, Allaah will send down on them a calamity that will not be dispelled away from them until they return to their Religion." (Ahmad and Abu Dawud; Ibn Al-Qattaan classifies it as Saheeh)

    May Allaah guide us out of His Anger to His Pleasure, and give us the ability as an ummah to act, to rectify our situation and to return to the worship of our Rabb, in all its forms - - as until then atrocities like these will continue to happen.

    Subhaanaka Allaahumma Ash-Hadu An Laa ilaaha illaa Anta Astaghfiruka wa Utubu IlayK

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    Re: My Heart is Aching

    Allahuma inna najaloka fee nahoorihim wa naoozobika min shoroorihim


    My Heart is Aching


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