Asslamualykum wa rahmatuallah,

I hope that you are all in the best of health and Imam.

I hope you won’t mind me taking a few minutes of your time.

Alhumdulilah by the grace of Allah, a group of brothers and sisters have got to together to try and help build a mosque in Gambia.

“By the end of Ramadan we hope to have raised at least £5,000 insha'Allah for the construction of the mosque (if we raise more we'll be able to improve it further). It may not seem like much, but in Africa you'd be amazed just how far it actually goes.”

The appeal has been centred around a website but several organisations have agreed to help the effort all ready by performing their own collections.

I hoping that you too would help support this project InshaAllah. Not only financially but by using all the information that has been provided on the website to encourage your friends, relatives, colleagues and ISOC’s to get involved and donate as well. It doesn’t have to be a massive fundraising effort perhaps just a short email or a collection after an iftaar or prayer one day. InshaAllah you'll be rewarded also for everyone you get to contribute to the project

"Whoever intercedes in a good cause (hasanah) shall share in its good result, and whoever recommends an evil cause (sayyiah) shares in its burden. And Allah has power over all things." Surah al-Nisa Chapter 4: Verse 84

All the details are on the website about how you can contribute and we have already produced flyers and posters that you can simply print out and use yourself.

Finally to reassure you all InshaAllah, everyone involved in the project are volunteers. The charity implementing the project in the UK is run by volunteers. Therefore 100% of your donation will InshaAllah go towards helping our brothers and sisters in Gambia to have a mosque of their own.

“...We try to build on our own but we can't achieve it. Here we are very poor, and without a good mosque our living is in vain.”
(Imam Samba Jallow, Kafuta Mosque, Gambia)

Wa alaykum asslam wa rahmatuallah.