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Thread: Funny Sayings

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    Asalaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Baraakatu,
    Many Imams in America are not American there for have their own accent wether it be an African, Arab, Pakistanti, or Indian......My Imam is African...and obviously has and African accent......During Khutbah alot of the time he directs it towards the younger group or married couples.... During one khutbah it was for the marries woman and how they do not appreciate what husbands can afford as they always need and ask for more....He said if a wife said she needed shoes/sneakers.....and the husband said ok lets go to payless to get your shoes....the wife will say WHAT payless what do you think this is.......I might be more funny to me as I was there and you werent lol try keeping in mind he has a very strong accent and SERIOUSLY doesnt know much about modern life,music,movies etc......He said if a wife needed money and the husband gave her 5 dollars she would say dolla dolla whats a dolla......*hehe*.......The last Jummah before Ramadan started the Khutba was to not meet Ramadan with haram in the home an so on......He said he knows these brothers listen to music.....he said do not let Ramadan come ad you listen to Snoopy dog...later on he said it again and it the name tranformed into Snoppy Doggy....And "puff Daddy" became Puffy Daddy....lol....There are many brothers who drink......He said to you brothers,....Tell your heinekin(ithinkispelledwrong) Bye tell them you see them after Ramadan......

    I hope you understand....as I am a very very bad translator of stories.......

    Does any one else have a funny story about an Imam or any one with funny accents?

    Asalaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa bAraakatu
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    Re: Funny Sayings

    hmmmmmmmm.....read that in another thread round here!!!!!and am sure ppl have replied...nope no stories on my part sorry!
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