Assalamu alykum,

eAalim.Com is pleased to announce a 3-days free lecture series, ‘The Final Days – Part 2’. This event will have different speakers who will cover the topics of “Judgement Day”, “Jannah” And “Jahannam”. The lectures will be LIVE in our advanced interactive online classroom where you will be able to listen & watch (via webcam), and view a shared whiteboard where the speakers will display notes and explanation for the lecture.

1st Lecture Title: Judgement Day
Venue: eAalim Online Classroom
Date: Friday, 2nd April 2010
Time: 8:00 PM (GMT, UK time)
Speaker: Br. Ilyas Townsend
Ilyas Townsend is a teacher in the Young Muslim Academy (YMA) at Lewisham Islamic Centre and he is involved in the da'wah projects at L.I.C. He gives talks in Lewisham masjid as well as universities.

2nd Lecture Title: Jahannum
Venue: eAalim Online Classroom
Date: Saturday, 3rd April 2010
Time: 8:00 PM (GMT, UK time)
Speaker: Ustadh Uthman Lateef
Uthman Lateef has been the Director of the Hittin Institute since March 2008. He has studied in Syria and Egypt and is a popular speaker and khateeb at universities and masajid across the UK. He has a BA (First Class Hons) in History, an MA (Distinction) in Crusading Studies with a dissertation on religious poetry in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, and is currently completing a PhD in the Muslim literary effort to inspire a yearning for Jerusalem in the twelfth century. Uthman has been involved in many Islamic organisations, international charitable projects where he has been particularly active in raising awareness about the plight of Muslims in poverty-stricken Africa.

3rd Lecture Title: Jannah
Venue: eAalim Online Classroom
Date: Sunday, 4th April 2010
Time: 8:00 PM (GMT, UK Time)
Speaker: Ustadh Abdullah Hassan
Imam Abdullah Hasan graduated with an Imam Diploma and BA in Islamic Studies from the European College for Islamic Studies (Wales). He holds a diploma in Arabic from Zarqa Private University (Jordan) and studied with numerous renowned scholars of Jordan. He was a teacher and Director of Student Affairs at the European Academy for Islamic Studies (London, UK). He is a founding director of Spring Foundation (SF), a scholarship charity, a member of the European Assembly of Imams and Spiritual Guides and the Imam of UKIM Mosque in Euston Square. Abdullah Hasan is also pursuing a postgraduate programme in Counselling Psychology, focusing on youth counselling.

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