CopyofCADiplomapostersBig 1 - Seerah & Adab Online Diploma Program


What is it about?

This is a unique, carefully structured, thorough program, put together with the advice of the world’s leading scholars of Prophetic Tradition and taught through English medium. Unlike other academies that prefer contemporary works and which are detached from the genuine tradition of Isnad, this program brings together some of the most essential classical works in both the specializations of the sublime Prophetic biography, and Islamic decorum/comportment. Cordoba Academy believes that it is only through truly knowing the Prophet (sallAllahu alaihi wasallam) will we be able to imitate Him and beautify our own character with His sublime example.

What can you get out of it?

By the end of this program, you will have obtained an overview of the “Sublime Prophetic Way of Life” and a wholesome foundation in both the Prophetic biography and Prophetic comportment; making you more than capable of passing on the studied texts to your peers and students. Moreover, as with all courses at Cordoba Academy, you will be granted Ijazah (traditional license to narrate and teach) with full chains of narration for the texts studied, connecting you to the blessed lineage of scholars who set forward on the sacred path before you.

Is it for me?

Students are encouraged to have a basic understanding of Islamic personal obligations (fard ‘ayn) before delving further into the specifics, however, this program will be extremely beneficial for all Muslims who want to have a solid foundation in these essential sciences. Students who successfully complete this program and wish to further their studies, may undertake the Imam Qadhi Iyadh Advanced Seerah & Adab Diploma Program.


Cordoba Academy is the preeminent seat of learning worldwide for the transmission of the Sacred Islamic Sciences. Cordoba Academy merges the traditional methods of inheriting and transmitting knowledge through Isnad, with modern technology and techniques in instruction.

For over thirteen years, Cordoba Academy has conducted courses which explore and deliver classical Islamic texts, both on-site and online. Further, Cordoba Academy has provided to students of knowledge, at all levels, the benefit of studying with some of the greatest living scholars of our times, worldwide. The various programs delivered at Cordoba Academy have earned repute in both the Arab and non-Arab world; hundreds of students and scholars have taken immense benefit from the courses.

The Diploma program is limited to 20 students from around the world, to ensure and maintain quality. Every student who joins this program will study under the direct and unrestricted guidance of the renowned hadith researcher and author: Shaykh al-Muhaddith al-Musnid Mohammed Daniel al-Muhajir (hafidullah) who, in following the footsteps of the great scholars of Prophetic Tradition, has established his reputation as one of the most widely-travelled specialists of Prophetic Legacy in the world today. The Shaykh has and continues to travel unrelentingly to preserve the sacred tradition of Isnad, in pursuit of excellence in the Prophetic Tradition


All core classes are taught live on weekends from 3:00 to 5:00 PM Makkah time 8-10am (NY) (1-3pm UK) 8-10pm (KL) . Elective classes are also taught on the weekends at variable times.

Students are required to attend classes punctually and must undertake the study of all core courses, in addition to any three elective courses of their choice within the academic year. During the semester, there are breaks for the major public and Eid holidays. All materials are provided including access to the downloadable recordings of all sessions for swift and easy revision.

The total fee for the program is set at $899 which presents a saving of $299, compared to studying the courses individually. NOW special earlybird price of $799 until July 10 2021

Payments can be made through installments by either bank transfer or PayPal. Payments can be made in full or installments through Transferwise, Bank or PayPal. If a student makes full payment of the fees, Cordoba Academy shall provide a 10% discount to them.