I recently accepted a volunteer position with GuideUs TV, working in post-production editing and content creation, alhamduillah! This means I will have direct input into the shows that are produced in the new Bloomington, MN studio. So if there is something that you have wanted to see a lecture or a series on, speak up and I can suggest it at content meetings and insha'Allah we'll be able to find someone who can speak on that topic!

Please keep in mind that it is GuideUs TV's general policy to not take any sides on issues that could be seen as political (they'll discuss politics, but they will not favor one party view over another) nor do they produce content considered radical (so please do not ask for a lecture on the benefits of joining ISIS). Their main goal is to bring people to Islam and to reinforce the basics of Islam for current Muslims, so super-super in-depth discussions on obscure topics are unlikely to be filmed . . . they'll happily do a show on the tasfir of Al-Fatihah, but it would be harder to convince them to do a show on the analysis of the narration chain for a specific daif hadith, just to give an example.

Insha'Allah if we record the show I will be able to give you an airing time and whether or not it will be made available "on demand" on the GuideUs TV website or on Youtube so you can see "your" episode.

Drop your suggestions below!