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    To Allaah Is Our Ultimate Destination!

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    To Allaah Is Our Ultimate Destination!

    All Praise be to the one who Created us;
    There are some who make His existence a fuss;
    Those who disbelieve in Him, they are in Loss;

    In this life we have a test;
    The question: whose fear of Allah is the best?
    To worship him is our quest.

    Time an Time again we are faced with situations;
    In which we must make tough decisions;
    Fools are we, we think we're so smart;
    shaytan attacks us with many ideas like darts;
    According to him, we plan and chart;
    Not knowing that he is poisoning our hearts;
    The time comes when we realize the mistake in our Parts;
    One last chance!, for some the tauba starts;

    Even still, some don't ask of His Forgiveness;
    They don't realize that they're in a big mess;
    Never do they ask of Allah's Mercy;
    They have eyes, but can they really see?;

    There are also the righteous however;
    Forget to ask Allah?, NEVER!;
    They ask Allah in every endeavor;
    To help them as part of His Favor;
    Then, even if they are affected by Shaytans call;
    They are not hurt by the hard fall;
    They quickly get back up, standing tall;
    Racing to gain forgiveness from The Merciful;
    Allah promised to answer the caller's call;

    Take a lesson from the fitra of the child;
    With the lesson of walking they are trialed;
    Yes, they do fall, but they are not beguiled;
    They get back up and take a step;
    Maybe again they accidentally trip;
    But they stand up again and get a grip;
    More and more steps take place;
    Before you realize it, they are walking with so much grace;

    An example for us, as we grow in our age and Deen;
    Like the baby, hard challenges we have seen;
    As the baby walks with so much grace;
    We should also pick up our pace;
    We are travelers, there is no question;
    To Allah is our ultimate destination!

    May the Prayers and blessings of Allah be on His beloved;
    and on the companions who prayed and strived;
    That the Deen of Allah might be carried on to those who came later;
    On high thrones will they be raised in the hereafter;

    (Al Shafi)
    To Allaah Is Our Ultimate Destination!

    “Whoever puts his trust in Allah, sufficient is Allah for him.”

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    Re: To Allaah Is Our Ultimate Destination!

    Marshaallah that is beautiful sis!
    To Allaah Is Our Ultimate Destination!

    64:11 No kind of calamity can occur, except by the leave of Allah: and if any one believes in Allah, (Allah) guides his heart for Allah knows all things

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