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Holiday In the Maldives - What you should know

Maldives is tiny Muslim country in the South Asia with about 400,000 in population. The country is well known for luxury tourism. White sandy beaches and clear lagoons with matching luxury villa on the beach or over water attracts over a million tourists in a year. These tourists are mostly from Europe. Maldives is also popular along Muslims from Middle East.


Ultra-luxury resorts are promoted to millionaires, billionaires and weathly business owners. There are luxury 5 star resorts that are affordable for high income people from developed countries. The 4 resorts are lowest in resort category but a water villa could cost around $700 per night in low season, in high season it could be around $1200 per night. If you can afford, these are amazing island for Non-Muslims. In resorts there western men and women at the beach wearing beach suites which are not modest. If you are visting a Maldives resort is it recommended to go to an exclusive island where only a couple stays, no other people on the island.But, this type of holiday is for wold's richest.

Local islands have guest houses with affordable rooms and meals. Every island has a mosque and all foods are halal. So, for ordinay Muslims this is the ideal type of holiday recommended by Maldives Finest. In local islands there are seperate beaches for western tourists where they can go and enjoy in seclusion. Locals and Muslim tourists in modest clothing can use other beach locations on the island. Price of guest house starts around $70 per night and goes upto $150, without food. You can also buy Full Board plan in most hotels. Otherwise there are food outlets in the islands where you can visit and dine at local rates.

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