Molana Yunus Patel rh said:

The one who talks excessively about fast cars, fashionable clothes, pretty women, handsome men, multi-storey buildings, palaces, gold, silver and wealth, then know that the love of these things has entered that heart.

There is no sin in earning and using wealth to provide for comfort and maintenance, to go for Haj and Umrah,and to contribute to charity, to the needy and poor. However, the love for material possessions must not enter the hearts.

The toilet is a necessity and some homes have beautiful toilets;some even have gold taps, etc. But what would you think of one who talks excessively about his toilet ?…Just like the toilet, the things of this world are necessities - we, therefore, don’t make
the material things of this world objects of worship.

The one who talks excessively about Deen, about the Love of Allah Ta’ala and His Beloved Rasool [SAWS], then know that their love has entered that heart.
Of course, during business hours, the businessman will talk mainly about business with his clients and customers. The doctor will talk about medicine and health, and the fruit seller will call upon passers-by to purchase his fruit. All this ‘worldly’ talk related to one’s needs, with the correct intention and to the extent of necessity, causes no harm to the spiritual self.

(Hidayatus salikeen)