The meaning of good character, according to Imam Bayhaqi

That a man, when he deals with other people,
He is tolerant when claiming his right, and does not ask for anything which is not [his right],
But he discharges all the duties that he has towards others.
When he falls ill or returns from a trip and no one visits him,
Or when he gives a greeting which is not returned,
Or when he is a guest, but is not honoured,
Or when he intercedes but is not responded to,
Or when he does a good turn for which he is not thanked,
Or joins a group of people who do not make room for him to sit,
Or speaks, and is not listened to,
Or asks for permission of a friend to enter and is not granted it,
Or proposes to a woman and is not allowed to marry her,
Or asks for more time to repay a debt but is not given more time
Or asks for ones debt to be reduced a but it is not accepted
And all such similar cases,
He does not grow angry, nor does he seek to punish people, nor does he feel within himself that he was snubbed or ignored,
Neither does he try to retaliate with the same treatment when he able to do so.
But instead tells himself that he does not mind any of these things
And responds to each one of them with something that is better.

(Hijab flutter for this @ sis. Aminah)