I love watching movies, I have my favorite which I would to talk about it. The movies are:

1) Muhammad The Last Prophet

2) Star wars

3) Transformers

4) Independence day resurgence

5) Samurai jack

6) Skyline

7) Tom and Jerry

I used to watch these movies before and I wish to know if it is halal or whats the ruling for them. And some movies, I even now and there are many other movies I watched before. But about the movie about the Prophet, I'm not sure if it is Sunni movie, because that is important to know, because shias could tell lies about anything because it says in introduction "Shiite Counsile...".

So, can someone kindly tell me whether they are sinful movies or no? So that I'll know what to do. Or whether it is halal or no. If you say "no" can you kindly tell me the reason? So that I will understand. I like to watch sci fi futuristic movies and also I like to watch movies about aliens and about space.

Thank you